Blonde Marvel
Blonde Marvel
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- Dasien - Dasien wanted to come to the help of the Blonde Marvel... just not on Matthew McConaughey night! 04-06-2008
- Mindmistress - Judging from the man's initial appearence, she would have been better of with Mindmistress! 28-08-2008
- Infinity Burger - Is Blonde Marvel really doing underhand advertising work for Infinity Burger on the side? 25-07-2012
- Frankenstein Superstar - Setting Frankenstein at the Blonde Marvel was not the best idea... he is a man after all! 10-09-2012

Blonde Marvel cameos/references can be found in:
- WarMage - Looks like the mysterious character keeps and eye on the Blonde Marvel! MA content warning!21-03-2008
- Shell - For an extended chapter, Blonde Marvel has to mess with a villain of Shell! 11-02-2009
- Stella & Celeste - And people wonder why so many chose to become superheroes... it's the sidebenefits! MA content warning!08-03-2009
- WarMageRebirth - Off course, when Kriti keeps an eye on superheroes, she must do the Blonde Marvel! MA content warning!29-12-2009
- Venus X - A piece of fanart that shows of the Blonde Marvel really sacrifices herself to save the world! MA content warning!27-12-2011
- M. Organ Art - Either its the Blonde Marvel herself or one cosplaying her who stands in the back of the line! MA content warning!29-04-2012
- Frankenstein Superstar - On yes, Blonde Marvel knows how to defuse a heated situation with lots of ice cream! 09-06-2012
- Misfits of Mischief - The Trickster Trio promises Madam X everything she wants... and they CAN deliver! 30-06-2012
- Raven's Dojo - One bust not to bust, The Blonde Marvel is coming in to help out! MA content warning!22-06-2019

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