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[blood/hound] cameos/references can be found in:
- Antcomics - Blood/hound is ready to take on the refreshment job... and getting his own treats! 19-11-2007
- Frank and Vinny - Blood/hound makes a somewhat late and messy appearance in the end! 20-11-2007
- Pugnuggle Tales - The looming hulk of Bloodhound can be seen lumbering towards the concert! 25-11-2007
- Goosetown and Lunch Break - I haven't heard much about Bloodhound the movie, but it looks awesome! 07-01-2008
- George the Dragon - George's High School Yearbook has a picture of [blood/hound] in his younger days! 25-01-2008

TheMidge28 cameos/references:
- Posted - Well, TheMidge does look a little like Tom Selleck... but don't let that fool you! 24-03-2008
- Antcomics - Though not really active at this point, TheMidge has turned up to celebrate 100 Antcomic strips! 28-07-2008

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