Theater of the Bloody Tongue
Theater of the Bloody Tongue

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- Zukahnaut - Ariane Eldar visits the world of Zukahnaut to get a can of Squidface Cyclop Meat and meet the natives! 13-12-2014
- Ruby Nation - Ruby seems to be quite shocked seing the latest show of the Bloody Tongue from the first row! 26-12-2014
- Bohica Blues - It takes some to surprise Sgt. Joe Rock, but the Bloody Tongue's latest show apparently does! 26-12-2014
- I, Mummy - Among the spectators to the the latest show of the Bloody Tongue we spot Jane Webb! 26-12-2014
- Zukahnaut - I'm quite sure thats none other than Nanma Dee Douglas among the spectators to the show! 26-12-2014
- La Lucila Rocks - Candela has found a good spot from where to watch the show of the Bloody Tongue! 26-12-2014
- Rasputin Barxotka - Wonder what Dimitri is thinking as he watch the performers at the Bloody Tongue in their show? 26-12-2014
- Doppelganger - Vickers seems quite disturbed over the happenings in the show of the Bloody Tongue! 26-12-2014
- M9 Girls - Clau really gets into what happens on the scene when the Bloody Tongue performs! 26-12-2014
- It's Just Another Day - From the audience Daddy watches the Bloody Tongue perform their latest show! 26-12-2014
- Area 42 - Perverto breaks out of his Peeping Tom hiding place to... "take out the trash"! 07-02-2015
- It's Just Another Day - St. Nic knows when its time to step in and prevent the stupid harashment of others! 20-02-2015
- Zukahnaut - You suddenly feel like being a much nicer person when you have an angry Zukahnaut staring down at you! 20-02-2015

Theater of the Bloody Tongue cameos/references can be found in:
- Ruby Nation - Looks like Ariane Eldar has been too much into the drugs and found her happy place! 08-03-2015
- Doc and Raider - The movie company has hired the pro's for this, Ariane Eldar is on the set! 10-07-2015
- Rhapsodies - And it turns out Brian's date is none other than Ariane Elder! 17-10-2017
- Cryptida - Ariane does a lot of travelling, but being justled in the airport does annoy her! 17-11-2017
- Blacktail & Marz - Stopping for a show at the Bloody Tongue, B&M have... very mixed reactions! 06-10-2018
- Altarion Saga: Atlantis - Even though the whole bar has gone into a fight, Ariane sits quietly and enjoys the show! 22-09-2019
- Altarion Saga - Big Jock Horserock is hanging out in the bar, enjoying a good beer... until the police arrives! 06-10-2019
- Cryptida - That poster shows that the Theater of the Bloody Tongue tour has been in these parts! 02-05-2020
- Cafe on Crepe Island - Looks like Ariane has gotten a job where she can bring out the cool outfits for others! 21-06-2020
- The KAMics - Ariane Eldar shows that masks indeed can be sexy with the right...accessories! 14-08-2020
- The Restless Dead - One of the "Three Kings" seems to be none other than Big Jock Horse Rock! 14-02-2021
- Cryptida - At least we know one item will still be in the museum when Ariane Eldar visits in the future! 05-03-2021
- Almighty Protectors - Classic and calm, Ariane Eldar does notice the chase through dimensions passing her! 21-04-2021
- Pegasus Project - Ariane Eldar chats up the other passengers during the trainride! 30-04-2021
- Cryptida - Looks like Ariane has left a comment with her honest commentary to Emily's channel! 24-05-2021
- Cryptida - Don't underestimate Ritchie, as reinforcement he can fight dirty and below the belt! 29-09-2021
- Cupcake Warmachine - Even in the future Ariane sports her classic look and make it looks GOOD! 19-04-2022

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