Blue Life
Blue Life

- None recorded

- None recorded

Blue Life cameos/references can be found in:
- Revenants and the Child of Autumn - Looks like the artist in that marketstall has a little Blue statue on display! 17-02-2019
- Ying & Yan - There's always a silver lining... even to be run over by Ying & Yan! Gueststrip27-03-2019
- Terra Prima - Someone has made art based on Blue Life on the bottom of their balcony! 08-09-2019
- Hue Are You? - Looks like on of the screens in this cinema will be showing Blue Life the Movie! 04-10-2019
- University of Speed - A danger sign making use of Blue as an example? Interesting idea actually...! 17-01-2020
- Hue Are You? - A kid in the "tour-group" is hugging what looks like an adorable Blue plushie! 21-11-2020

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