The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob
The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob

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- Zeera the Space Pirate - Another crash at the Smithson Household, Zeera arriving on her strips birthday! 04-10-2008
- Zortic - Mentioning that Aliens do not dig Star Trek snaps Zortic to attention, but Splink apologizes later! 29-12-2009
- Melonpool - Angry Mayberry defends Aliens' knowledge of Star Trek... Ralph just wants coffee! 29-12-2009
- Everyday Heroes - The Generictown Herald reports on the latest exploits of the humble Mr. Mighty! 11-01-2011
- Dr. McNinja - A Crossover Fanfic involving Sherlock Holmes and Dr. McNinja, that can only be awesome, right? 15-02-2011
- Dinosaur Comics - T-Rex and Utahraptor takes their steps and banter in a world taken over by Dinosaurs! 15-02-2011
- Dr. McNinja - Well, if you wanted the BEST Ninjas, then you should have stayed in Cumberland! 03-04-2012

Inexplicable Adventures of Bob cameos/references can be found in:
- The Crossoverlord - Through a window sliced in time and space we spot Fructose Riboflavin!! 29-04-2010
- Everyday Heroes - Sounds like Summers has been following Roofus the Roof-Repairing Robot lately! 28-08-2010
- Everyday Heroes - Molly has it easy... she can be naked all the time without trouble! 28-04-2014

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