- Waiting For Bob - Rich and Holly meet Sean and Bernie, visiting from oversea! Starting: 12-07-1999
- Goats - John and Philip finally makes it to England... meeting the natives! Starting 06-12-1999
- Superosity - Through Boardys ITT, Bobby goes to England and Holly and Shelley the other way! 03-04-2000
- Goats - Rich and Holly attend a wedding, and so do Jonny and Megan! Starting 12-02-2002

- Goats - Shelley is not quite out of her nightmare yet, Jon is still included! 30-07-1999

Bobbins cameos/references can be found in:
- Joe Average - When asked, Shelley would really like to snog Joe... if she was drunk enough that is! 30-08-2000

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