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Bombshell cameos/references can be found in:
- A little on the side - The character of Bombshell gets som excellent sexy pin-up fanart right here! 11-05-2008
- The Crossoverlord - Bombshell is one of the superheroes that somehow is native to Dasien's world! 24-06-2008
- The Crossoverlord - For this "memorial", Bombshell has shown up, paying proper respect among her peers! 11-08-2009
- Fearless - He got her allright, he got... Bombshell! Here for an extended confrontation! 28-07-2010
- Crossoverkill - In her photo album, Dasien obviously have a picture of a happy smiling Bombshell! 18-12-2010
- Crossoverkill - Bombshell and Beackhead are in in to make a few good hits in the all-battle breaking out! 21-03-2011
- Dasien - Pink Flash keeps an eye on Bombshell from the H-verse, one of the heroes there! 26-12-2013
- The Devon Legacy - Aria Conti was so unlucky to be caught in the darkened subway station after the earthquake! 07-04-2015

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