Bonus Stage
Bonus Stage

- None recorded

- It's Walky! - When dimensional travel goes haywire, Walky shows up! Episode #7
- Penny Arcade - On the run Joel & Phil hide out in the Ubi Soft boot manned by Tyche & Gabe! Episode #25
- It's Walky! - A cursed doll with a triangular smile... with courtesy of It's Walky! Episode #34
- It's Walky! - Evil is waiting for the Power Booster Rod... a mere branch? I think not! Episode #43
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Chex gets a small cameo just to show that he rocks! Episode #45
- It's Walky! - A Martian Regenration chamber is put to fun use in the end... after 9 months! Episode #45
- Zortic - If Joel was drawing badly on purpose, he would have drawn Zortic!! Episode #56
- The Wotch - Near the end, it's the Watch! No, it's the Wotch! Well, perhaps its neither? Episode #56

Bonus Stage cameos/references can be found in:
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Chex does a little add... Bonus Stage style! With Joel guest-starring! 30-12-2004
- South of Sanity - It's... Action Science! It's totally Bonus Stage! 05-05-2008
- Far Out There - Rya can be spotted walking the halls of the Mad Scientist Convention! 01-05-2009

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