Boobs Ahoy!
Boobs Ahoy!
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- Charby the Vampirate - Well, Mannik may be creepy, but he is easy to get out of your hair... hat... ehh! 26-04-2009
- Juxtapose - Among Firstmate Tweeter's book collection, we find the novel version of Juxtapose! 28-05-2009
- Plastic - Tweeter's lesbian library also contains the novelization of our favorite webcomic Plastic! 28-05-2009
- Geminni - Moogi visits our pirates and quickly gets shown the Captain's quarters! 30-05-2009
- Scorch - Okay, if I faced a scene out of Scorch like that, you bet I would run to those rules too! 06-06-2009
- Nuffink Doin - Figures that Clover would like to make you feel like one of the girls... she prefers girls! 07-06-2009
- The Minimal Adventures of Pippa and Cici - Yep, its a pussy allright, though just not Clover's kind! 13-06-2009
- Bloodbound - When Jinni Darque serves, Wilhelm gets more than the coffee she ordered! 14-06-2009
- Counterfeit - The treasure for one may not be the treasure for another... but it requires finding out! 20-06-2009
- Salt 'n Pepper - Okay, after a showcase like that, how could Wilhelm not avoid making a call? 21-06-2009
- Dog Food - I think Wilhelm is the smart one... what you don't have, nobody can steal! 28-06-2009
- M. Organ Art - With the help of an interesting spyglass, Clover spots F. Organ and her loving beach life! 04-07-2009
- Sandstorm - Bad pickup line gets Clover a direct Sandstorm kick to the crotch! 05-07-2009
- Pr0nCrest - The artist of Pr0nCrest provides the Boobs Ahoy! readers with instant fanservice! 09-07-2009
- Hungry Hungry Hipsters - When a Hipster choses the water to more sex with Clover... you got to wonder! 11-07-2009
- Till Death Do We Part - She may be what Clover was looking AT, but its not what she is looking FOR! 14-07-2009
- A View of Venus - And the girl-kiss brought in at least two new subscribers... Clover and Wilhelm! 16-07-2009
- Scarecrow Lullaby - Looks like Sareana's Clover and Wilhelm dolls knows what was on her mind...! 21-07-2009
- CQB Epics - How hot it may be to meet sexy CQB girls, I got to agree with Wilhelm here! 23-07-2009
- Mr. Candeeman - Guess all the candy in Mr. Candeeman's candystore was NOT worth visiting it! 27-07-2009
- Best of Three - It's one of those catchphrases that shouldn't work... and then it does to great effect! 30-07-2009
- True Happiness - You are spot on about the woman woo-er Clover, but you miss the show! 02-08-2009
- Lovemagic - Clover makes use of the Hot Tub of Lovemagic... to great marketable effect! 04-08-2009
- Bouncing Orbs of Beauty - Clover and Wilhelm expect no fun to be found... but they will soon be it! 06-08-2009
- Scarecrow Lullaby - When it comes to Sareana's lovelife, Clover and Wilhelm know what to think! Gueststrip08-08-2009
- PowerTrip - Seeing the Eddie-clones makes Wilhelm think of what Clover would do with those powers! 11-08-2009
- Pawn - In the depths of the earth, Ayanah and Baalah action is just something for Clover! 14-08-2009
- Gay Business - Looks like Wilhelm has signed up as one of Bad Boss' Henchmen! 18-08-2009

Boobs Ahoy! cameos/references can be found in:
- The KAMics - Looks like Captain Clover has found a portal for buying with a view to her liking! 04-09-2006
- M. Organ Art - Captain Clover and Wilhelm are armed and ready to battle the Bra-droids! MA content warning!16-09-2007
- PC3 - So, who do YOU want to be in Boobs Ahoy the Movie? Not Sue Johanson? 30-12-2007
- PC3 - It's not just any pirate Chloe is dressed up like, it's Captain Clover? 09-01-2008
- PowerTrip - The Captain and Wilhelm look very suprised to find themselves at the bus stop! 05-03-2009
- ShadowRootRedux - Yep, there's no doubt she likes boobs... just like the t-shirt sellers at Boobs Ahoy! MA content warning!29-04-2010
- M. Organ Art - Well, as a Dwarf Alligator Pirate resembling M., what else would he say? MA content warning!20-06-2010
- M. Organ Art - The title says it all, and who wouldn't want a better look at the book of "Boobs Ahoy!"? MA content warning!22-07-2013

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Charby the Vampirate - Captain Clover is putting the moves on Amelius, but is cut short before success! 11-02-2008

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