- None recorded

- Cupcake War Machine - Somebody has required a recipe over at Cupcake War Machine and wants to commission the girls to make it! 03-06-2020
- The Underground Empire - Looks like Harper Roz has a bone to pick with Julia and she's not the only one! 19-08-2020
- Cryptida - Captain Camilla takes the opportunity during the riots to get even with Julia! 19-08-2020
- Our Inner Spirit - Out in the streets we can just spot none other than Alex talking with someone during the riots! 22-08-2020
- Lectro - Looks like Lectro is taking opportunity during the riots to let out some lightning in the street! 26-08-2020
- The KAMics - There's riots going on in the streets and Gertrude & Brunhilda are in the middle of it! 26-08-2020
- The Mansion of E - Out in the street Sylvester runs for his life apparently afraid of being barreled! 02-09-2020
- The Mansion of E - Mortimer is about to have his house looted, but then appears... the Bards! 05-09-2020
- Lectro - Toby is first in line to celebrate, and taste, the re-opening of the upgraded bakery! 06-03-2021
- Mental Link - Pebble has found a chair and table in the re-opened bakery and is enjoying a taste of their wares! 06-03-2021
- Dear World - Joining the celebration at the re-opening of the bakery, Bobby Greene tries to make off with as much as possible! 06-03-2021
- Almighty Protectors - When there's a 100 strip celebration and a newly re-opened bakery, Flamethrower WILL show up! 06-03-2021
- Cryptida - Breadfinder celebrated 100 strips and reopening of the bakery, and Babette Méliès is among the guests! 06-03-2021
- Shards of the clock - He is easy to overlook among all the guests at the bakery's reopening, but Noah IS there! 06-03-2021
- Signals - No newly renovated bakery should be without a painting of Komee on the wall! 06-03-2021
- Demon King - Towering over most, Toru is enjoying the produce of the newly reopened bakery to his delight! 06-03-2021
- Thomas & Zachary - At one of the tables in the background we spot Zachary enjoying a good drink with his party! 12-03-2022
- Adventurer's Guild - Klaus sure came to this inn for a good meal and a solid drink, and he enjoys it! 12-03-2022
- Gifts of Wandering Ice - Rikter is spotted entering the tavern in the background! 19-03-2022
- The Adv. of Sir Power - Helena Mariposa walks by, giving the conversation a brief interest! 19-03-2022
- Ashface's Daughter - Deryn Demir walks happily by in the background of the tavern! 19-03-2022
- Tales From the Void - Maxx walks into the tavern, eyed by at least one other guest! 23-03-2022
- Jane Smith: Wannabe Gladiator - Jane is one of the customers at the tavern, ordering food at her leisure! 23-03-2022
- Cryptida - Mermaid Lorelei sticks her head up to see what's going on on the pier! 30-03-2022

Breadfinder cameos/references can be found in:
- Lectro - A hidden Pumpkin in the store front window has been cut in the likeness of Unko Soundsketch! 31-10-2020
- Pegasus Project - Looks like Sylvi and Tina have branched out and started a kiosk in the metro! 14-05-2021

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