- None recorded

- The Underground Empire - Looks like Harper Roz has a bone to pick with Julia and she's not the only one! 19-08-2020
- Cryptida - Captain Camilla takes the opportunity during the riots to get even with Julia! 19-08-2020
- Our Inner Spirit - Out in the streets we can just spot none other than Alex talking with someone during the riots! 22-08-2020
- Lectro - Looks like Lectro is taking opportunity during the riots to let out some lightning in the street! 26-08-2020
- The KAMics - There's riots going on in the streets and Gertrude & Brunhilda are in the middle of it! 26-08-2020
- The Mansion of E - Out in the street Sylvester runs for his life apparently afraid of being barreled! 02-09-2020
- The Mansion of E - Mortimer is about to have his house looted, but then appears... the Bards! 05-09-2020

Breadfinder cameos/references can be found in:
- Lectro - A hidden Pumpkin in the store front window has been cut in the likeness of Unko Soundsketch! 31-10-2020

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