Breakpoint City
Breakpoint City

- None recorded

- Exploding Dog - Off course Red Robot would like more robots for his army! Beware! 11-08-2001
- Homestar Runner - Homestar Runner himself is next in line for use of the Vendo machine! 20-07-2002
- Homestar Runner - And tonight, it's liiiiiive with Regis & Trogdor! ... at least on the poster! 14-06-2003

Breakpoint City cameos/references can be found in:
- Nothing Special - Dan, Ben Megawatt, and Sofia Jaypeg all walks along among the Halloween crowd! 31-10-2003
- Netrek - Simon tries a new face, that of Ben Megawatt, without success! 05-11-2003
- Nothing Special - You has to wonder if Dan really would be that good a plushie? 02-02-2005
- Nothing Special - Both Ben and Sofia are among the crowd who is here for a proper ending! 16-05-2005

Brian Emling cameos/references:
- Uncertainty Principle - Sounds like Brian suffers from... The Emling's Syndrome? Will that prevent his drafting? 30-01-2006

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