Bricks of the Dead
Bricks of the Dead

- None recorded

- Brick Earth Saga - The crews of the comics discussing the dangers of Cyborgs vs. Zombies gets... combined! Gueststrip08-10-2010
- Reasonably Clever - Zombies might be killing machines, but fear not Zombie Wash, he is only on vacation! Gueststrip09-10-2010

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Tranquility Base - Louise Dade, unwillingly, demonstrates how the Zombie-word has started being misused! Gueststrip05-10-2010

Cancerkitty cameos/references:
- Ye Olde Lego-time Theatre - Among all the spectators massing to watch the play we find Cancerkitty! 26-03-2010

Hogan's Notes:

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