Broken Beats
Broken Beats

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- Gaia's Guardians - Winni is enthusiastically cheering along with Ray's performance on stage! 13-01-2023
- Ring Spell - Lyall seems to be a big fan of Suddenly Found and ray in particular! 13-01-2023
- Latera - Among the spectators to Suddenly Found's Ray's oneman show we spot none other than Hana! 13-01-2023
- Angelic Flight - Shiki looks to be a big fan of Suddenly Found and happy to see lead singer Ray perform! 13-01-2023
- Lycoris Rising - Ray has a great fan in Elias who cheers his oneman performace on! 13-01-2023
- Whiteclaw - Wearing a happy mask, Ruby got a front row space to watch Ray's performance! 13-01-2023
- Across Your Shattered Sky - This appearance should dispel any doubts that Elizabeth is not a Suddenly Found fan! 13-01-2023
- Beautiful Days - As part of security, Yama gets to hand Ray and Maya the tally of the votes in the song competition! 14-01-2023
- Beautiful Days - Yuuki is managing the counter in the small foodplace with a relaxed attitude! 19-02-2023
- Soul Hymn - It's none other than Mickeal we have there live on the TV! 10-06-2023
- Future Agents - Nadia and Maddie enjoys a drink in the shade at one of the local cafe's! 24-06-2023
- Beautiful Days - Eri is hanging out at the coffee place and seems to be having a good time! 24-06-2023
- Demon Council Heir - Damon and Lyall are out in town together and seems to be going for a coffee! 24-06-2023
- Across Your Shattered Sky - Kyo has shown up to see Ray perform at the Suddenly Found concert! 15-07-2023
- Beautiful Days - Looks like we have a certain Rose showing up at this rocking concert! 15-07-2023
- Ghellios - Jordan seems to have a really great rocking time at the concert! 15-07-2023
- Demon Council Heir - Young Lyall is happily attending the Suddenly Found concert, rocking along! 15-07-2023
- Stray Memory - One of the kids from the school has shown up to rock along at the Suddenly Found concert! 15-07-2023
- Arindia no Densetsu - Both Alexa and Nina seem to be having a rocking time at the Suddenly Found conncert! 15-07-2023
- Guardian Wings - Among the audience to the Suddenly Found concert we spot none other than Ethan! 15-07-2023
- A Demon's Summoner - Happily rocking along to the music, Roxanne can be spotted at the Suddenly Found concert! 15-07-2023
- Banbury Road - At the Suddenly Found concert we have both Ian and Vinnie rocking along together! 15-07-2023
- Whiteclaw - Leah is dressed to kill and having a smashing time a the Suddenly Found concert 15-07-2023
- Future Agents - At the concert together, both Amy and Li are having an absolutely great time! 15-07-2023
- Eternal Shadow - Adam and Amae are attending the Suddenly Found conceret and having a ball! 15-07-2023
- Loving Wings - Security Guard Michael is dutyfully doing his job, guarding the door! 22-07-2023

Broken Beats cameos/references can be found in:
- Soul Hymn - Ray is the one manning the recording studio around here! 12-02-2023
- Guardian Wings - Raya and Maya get quite a scare when Ethan takes a detour and jumps over their heads! 19-05-2023

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