Broken Plot Device
Broken Plot Device

- None recorded

- PvP Online - On his wall Zig has a poster of none other than Skull hanging around! 10-07-2008
- Chainsawsuit - One of the girls attending the Roller Derby meetup is wearing a chainsawsuit-shit! 09-05-2011

Broken Plot Device cameos/references can be found in:
- fLoRiDa - Some things would change if drawn fLoRiDa.ish, some things would not...! 10-02-2009
- Cross Time Cafe - Is it a Borken Plot Device when you covered in snow still demands ice cream? 11-04-2009
- The Whiteboard - At Doc's Halloween party, Liz helps herself to the goodies stored in the skull of another guest! 31-10-2011
- Cross Time Cafe - Inix is politely pointed in the right direction when she portals in for a visit! 07-12-2011

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