Bruno the Bandit
Bruno the Bandit

- None recorded

- Sluggy Freelance - Not evey rodent is a master with the switchblade!! 19-01-2000
- Sluggy Freelance - The shape of Torg is a devilish good disguise! 28-06-2000
- Sluggy Freelance - The Sluggyverse is more popular than the Brunoverse! 28-03-2003
- User Friendly - The Userfriendlyverse is also more popular than the Brunoverse! 28-03-2003
- Sinfest - So too is the Sinfestverse obviously! 28-03-2003
- PvP Online - Even the PVPverse is more popular than the Brunoverse! 28-03-2003
- Homestar Runner - Strongbadia is an evil country which oppresses its people... no shit? 25-08-2004
- Sluggy Freelance - Oh my... is that really Bub-Bun bunny slippers Bruno is wearing? 26-05-2005

Bruno the Bandit cameos/references can be found in:
- Newshounds - Fiona is included in Kevin's hallucinations! 14-06-1999
- Freefall - Poor Bruno, being banned from "The Golden Throug" for stealing the customers? 06-10-1999
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - April enjoys her ill-gotten popcorn and her Bruno collection! 30-11-1999
- Joe Average - Tough luck Bruno, all that trouble to comment on Joe, and you forget 30-08-2000
- General Protection Fault - A very openmouthed kid wears the costume of Bruno the Bandit! 01-11-2000
- Freefall - Bruno wanted... nothing new there, but what a full set of crimes he is wanted for! 02-02-2001
- The Class Menagerie - Trying another job, Scott takes the role of Bruno the Bandit to Fiona's delight! 22-07-2001
- Amazon Space Rangers - A scandily-clad Amazon Ranger... and Bruno doesn't even notice her?! 23-10-2002
- Greystone Inn - Bruno and Fiona make good use of the red tape... the only use possible in webcomics! 09-05-2003
- El Goonish Shive - Bruno is representing Ian when offering a guest strip for El Goonish Shive! 19-07-2004
- El Goonish Shive - Ellen learns that hotness comes with a prize.. and reading Bruno the Bandit too! Gueststrip30-07-2004
- Evil Overlords United - Both Zworgue and Forma clearly see the B&W version of Fiona appearing! 21-06-2008
- Sluggy Freelance - DO we want to know where Bruno has gotten stuffed Micro Dragons to sell? 06-09-2010
- General Protection Fault - Bruno is ruled out as Mischief's date because... well, see for yourself! Mischief's Night Out Page 6

Ian McDonald cameos/references:
- Freefall - The true horror of the April Fool's Internet Swap Cube is.. having Ian McDonald draw the comic! Gueststrip01-04-1999
- Sluggy Freelance - You never knew he was an actor, but Ian McDonald DID play Kitten 5! 15-12-2002

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