Burnt Dog Radio
Burnt Dog Radio

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- Zortic - Zortic and Splink walk around in the background... THEY would be interested in science! 01-08-2001
- Newshounds - Wolfram and Kevin are spotted in the background of the first panel! 06-08-2001
- Ashfield Online - Professor Ashfield appears with a second prototype Time-machine he wants to test! 06-08-2001
- When I Grow Up - Zoe reminds Helmut, to his irritation, that he was just upstaged! 08-08-2001
- Pentasmal - Floating though limbo, the helpless traveller encounter Pink and Blue! 10-08-2001
- Soap on a Rope - Yes Max, perhaps you should close that potal... you never know what comes through! 10-08-2001
- The Mr. Chuck Show - Mr. Chuck and Ned is in the vicinity of the portal... arguing as usual! 13-08-2001
- Boxjams Doodle - What is it that's so unplausible abot Boxjam and his blue Muumuu! 13-08-2001
- Goats - The Goats-dudes goes Geek-patrol on the Science-fair... and is nicely taken away! 15-08-2001
- Chopping Block - A dimension with Jeremy and Butch is NOT a nice one! 17-08-2001
- Warp 9 to Hell - When there's characters from hell in the dimension too... it's not good at all! 17-08-2001
- Sporkman - When there's a need for a hero... Sporkman is ready! 20-08-2001
- Superosity - A good thing Boardy is around to give a helping hand with a gateway! 22-08-2001
- Penny Arcade - Looks like Gabe is always at hand with a helping bottle of glue! 24-08-2001

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