Busty Solar
Busty Solar
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- M. Organ Art - M. Organ claims he was framed... but we know better right? 08-04-2009
- Sleazy Space Saga - Clawdia does know English... as well as how to get a great trade out of underwear! 19-01-2013
- Magical Misfits - At one time Busty Solar copied the Top 10 image of Magical Misfits! 19-08-2016
- Banana Cream Cake - The top 10 Banana Cream Image got copied by Busty Solar at one point! 19-08-2016
- Modest Medusa - Just for the fun of it, the top 10 image of Modest Medusa got copycatted by Busty Solar! 19-08-2016
- Simply Sarah - The image provided my Simply Sarah for the Top 10 got copied by Busty Solar! 19-08-2016
- Demon Eater - Monocrome and all, the Demon Eater Top 10 image got copied by Busty Solar for laughs! 19-08-2016

Busty Solar cameos/references can be found in:
- M. Organ Art - Okay, WE would also recommend people to try out the Busty Solar Plexus Workout!! MA content warning!27-04-2009
- M. Organ Art - That little doll there on the table seems to be a figure quite resembling Wiggy! MA content warning!29-04-2012
- Sleazy Space Saga - The arrival of Busty to help Manlee heralds a small one-sided crossover! MA content warning!10-08-2012
- Monstroniverse - For an extended fight in the arena, next coming up is none other than Busty Solar! MA content warning!09-08-2016

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