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- 1/0 - "Jarbreeze" is a common enough curseword in these places... guess they must really have liked 1/0! 26-03-2007
- Achewood - A restaurant named Cassandra which serves a good Cilantro-Ape Ceviche? Hmm... ! 11-04-2007
- Death to the Extremist - And now its time for... a Random DTTE insulin shock treatment! 25-05-2007
- xkcd - When xkcd suddenly hosts your thoughts... does that mean you got Randall Munroe on your mind? 03-07-2007
- Narbonic - Reversing Mad Science" by one H. B. Narbon seems to be chosen book by Womble! 12-07-2008
- Dinosaur Comics - According to Random this is the recipe for a Dinosaur Comic... at text at own leisure! 06-09-2008
- Narbonic - One of Juni's ramdom babblings is referenced from Narbonic of this strip! 28-09-2008
- xkcd - A Random xkcd looking into the future of Voice Texting... bright new future it is! 24-10-2008
- xkcd - The mystery of emails discovered... xkcd-style! Did you see my mail? 15-05-2009
- Herman the Manatee - Is that a Herman the Manatee plushie lounging there on the couch? 07-05-2010
- Nedroid - In the background Reginald and Beartato seems to be carrying out a conversation! 28-05-2010
- xkcd - xkcd-style... on how to fail at the "not-deleteable-file"-joke! 24-02-2011
- Cat and Girl - The title of todays strip refers to the Sincerity Machine of this Cat and Girl strip! 31-12-2012

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