Cafe of Crepe Island
Cafe on Crepe Island

- None recorded

- Cryptida - Looks like we have both Bettina, Kanny, and Peter working in the local Rosemint! 17-05-2020
- Lectro - Here we have Toby and Venus visiting the Rosemint to talk about... Allowance Savings? 17-05-2020
- Stigma Chronicle - Wonder if Elsie and Bea too are waiting for the bus or just hanging out in the shadows? 24-05-2020
- The Devil of Angel Classroom - Nana and Shiori are spotted on the boss, though busy keeping up on smartphone stuff! 24-05-2020
- Weird In A Can - In the quiet sunny street we find none other than George, Phil and Liz walking around! 07-06-2020
- Slumberara - Max is hanging out in the mall's center square, taking a break and relaxing! 14-06-2020

Cafe on Crepe Island cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

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