A Call to Destiny
A Call to Destiny
A Call to Destiny Reloaded
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- Blue Crash Kit - I had no idea you could get Blue Crash Kit T-shirts in Troll-size! 10-08-2006
- Action Porn - Looks like Ragmorshaga has put on her newest mega-size Action Porn Shirt! 02-12-2006
- The Many Moons of Astra - Hmm... wonder where Ragmorshaga has gotten that shirt Troll-sized? 09-03-2007
- Miss. Dynamite - Eva Sirkowski and Blackie Chin make a blasting rescue of Jaren! 02-05-2007
- Megatokyo - For the arrival at House Poseidon, Ragmorshaga has donned her Megatokyo shirt! 06-07-2007
- I Was Kidnapped... - Janet and Suzie appear for an extended cameo! 30-08-2008
- Plastic - So Rivka reads Plastic? Well, she IS right about the cool art part, that's for sure! 20-12-2008
- Cru the Dwarf - Looks like they were lucky to have a Trollsize T-shirt for sale... it looks good! 23-07-2009
- Mine's Bigger - For this chapter, Ragmorshaga is going kickass in her new Mine's Bigger shirt! 21-10-2009
- Monster Lover - Hiking a trip with Adam's spaceship, the Monster-crew helps him out on an extended mission! 06-01-2010
- Mindmistress - So IS Mother Angela talking to Mindmistress or is it just a stalling technique? 07-09-2010

A Call to Destiny cameos/references can be found in:
- Blue Crash Kit - Looks like watching Jaren gives Kit ideas of Tentacle Monsters... poor girl! Gueststrip20-10-2006
- CameoComic - Those who added the "adult world"-links, included one to A Call to Destiny! 27-03-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Finally alone, Deception is quickly tuning in on the antics of A call to destiny! 25-05-2007
- Alter Verse - Oh yes, Rivka has done very good as an Orcish Engineer, thats for sure! 01-05-2009
- Monster Lover Destiny's Path - Sounds like Jaren will never change, no matter where...! MA content warning!10-08-2009
- Monster Lover Destiny's Path - Rivka calls in a favour to help Adam and Gang onward after their adventure in MA content warning!ACTDR ! 19-10-2010

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Death P*rn - Looks like Ragmorshaga is out promoting El Cid on her shirt today! 28-01-2012

Hogan's Notes:

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