- None recorded

- Plus One - Yep, Rianne must learn to keep quiet and suspend disbelief at movie & pizza night! Gueststrip28-05-2010
- Epic Fail - Looks like the new version of Epic Fail the Movie can be found on the top shelf in the videostore! 21-02-2011
- Yo, Bo! Komiks - Looks like there's been enough material of Yo, Bo! to put out a movie! 21-02-2011
- Taal Volcano Monster vs. Evil Space Paru-Paro - Yep, it was about time the movie was to be found in stores! 21-02-2011
- Addanac City - Hank adorns the front cover of the very first Addanac City movie! 21-02-2011
- Gatorhead Comics - Looks like the all present Bo Lumpkin character is featured on the cover of the latest movie! 21-02-2011
- Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit - The front cover of the new movie on the shelf features none other than Grim! 21-02-2011
- Trese - The latest episode of Trese the Movie obviously required TWO movies to complete! 21-02-2011
- Work in Progress - Work in Progress has made so much progress that it has become a movie! 21-02-2011
- O Diario de Virginia - Finally "O Diario" has come out as a movie... its there on the bottom shelf! 21-02-2011
- Boy Bakal - The heroic adventures of Boy Bakal looks now to have been adapted into a movie! 21-02-2011
- Callwork - Callwork the Movie, now finally out in your local videostore it seems! 21-02-2011
- My Life In The Trenches - MLITT has been made into a movie and can now be found in the visited videostore! 21-02-2011
- Bearman Cartoons - Bearman Cartoons, a series you must have... now at a videstore near you! 21-02-2011
- Aha Hule Komiks - Long awaited, Aha Hule Komiks can now be found on the shelves in the local videostore! 21-02-2011
- Life With Death - Say, is that a poster for the latest Life With Death Movie we see there in the first panel? 23-02-2011
- Tears & Pain - I'm quite sure that Tears and Pain Movie Rianne is holding would be worth watching! 23-02-2011
- Aedre's Firefly - Yes Rianne, you should choose to watch that Aedre's Firefly movie you are currently holding! 23-02-2011
- Super Haters - Super Haters the Movie is out! But it looks like Gray didn't choose that one...! 23-02-2011
- Plus One - Gray seems to be considering watching Plus One the Movie... and why not? 23-02-2011
- Smellabell - Thats one kick-ass poster thats up and advertising the movie of Smellabell! 23-02-2011

Callous cameos/references can be found in:
- Crazy Metro - Rianna finds out how Cal react when they serve feathered foodstuff... thank God for peanut butter! 29-11-2010
- Crazy Metro - Dressed up as... a giant duck? Audrey makes JV loose it for a short time! 04-12-2010
- Crazy Metro - Gray takes the latest Harry Potter Movie in stride, even with the "sexy" scenes...! 06-12-2010
- Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit - Amami too is standing in line to hear the band playing! 10-10-2011

Carlo Jose San Juan ,MD cameos/references:
- Crazy Metro - Carlo Jose San Juan ,MD himself arrives as a guest at Rianna & Cal, bringing food! 29-11-2010

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