- None recorded

- It's Walky! - Walky gives a brief appearence in Candi's classphoto! 09-07-2004
- HappyPure - Mythos the Great Old One sneaks in as a shirt-motive! 09-07-2004
- Tomodachi Forever - A tomo-guy named Kevin sneaks in among Candi's college class-mates! 09-07-2004
- It's Walky! - Candi is raving about the angst-filled past of It's Walky! 11-08-2004
- It's Walky! - If you look really close, you find It's Walky Limited Prints on the wall! In several strips even! 01-09-2004
- It's Walky! - Another drawing of Joyce & Walky has found its way to Candi's desk! 31-12-2004
- It's Walky! - An It's Walky! strip is on Candi's screen! During work even! 03-01-2005
- Rpg World - Candi indeed follows the adventures of RPG World! 03-01-2005
- Something Positive - Trevor is slacking at work with Something Positive on his screen! 03-01-2005
- Girly - Obviously Trevor is also a reader of Girly! He sneakpeeks that comic too during work! 03-01-2005
- It's Walky! - That sound-effect can only mean one thing! 28-01-2005
- Shortpacked - Looks like Robin's speed brought her first in line for the rave-party! 28-02-2005
- Rpg World - Cherry is getting a lecture on the IPod's power to take over the planet! 09-05-2005
- It's Walky! - "And little Anna Walkerton grew up, got her fathers shirt, and helped trip Candi..." 29-06-2005
- Girly - Cute and wondering, that's what Little Winter could have been! 29-06-2005
- Questionable Content - Faye might only be there for a cameo, but she is still working at a coffee shop! 13-07-2005
- Wapsi Square - Tina has obviously started working at Moonbucks... well, all coffee shops looks alike! 13-07-2005
- Skirting Danger - Even Courtney Brightland can be found working at Moonbucks these days! 13-07-2005
- PvP Online - Brent Sienna is out shopping Christmas-presents... for Jade or for himself? 22-12-2005
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Mike has joined the celebration-party... and he got Satan's staff with him! 19-01-2006
- It's Walky! - Looks like Joyce & Walky are out an enjoying a Midsummer's Night Dream together! 20-03-2006
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Dave has gone out to see the play of Midsummer's Night Dream... alone! 20-03-2006
- Punks and Nerds - Jade is quietly sipping her coffee at Moonbucks while love is in the air! 06-04-2006
- Shortpacked! - Obviously a great fan of the man, Candi has a poster of Mike hanging above her bed! 10-08-2006
- Least I Could Do - Looks like Ashley is enjoying her time in the class of children Candi volunteers in! 10-10-2006
- Shortpacked! - In the background on the fair, Mike walks past as his usual cheery self! 07-12-2006

Candi cameos/references can be found in:
- Coiling Spine - Chiv has taken the wig out and dressed up as Candi... complete with Menjou the ferret! 31-10-2005
- Coiling Spine - Jessica seems to be cool with her Christmas-outfit, and Menjou has sneaked along! Archived locally25-12-2005
- The KAMics - Okay, it may have been torture for the squirrels, but Candi just wanted to hug them! 02-02-2007
- Atlantis - Obviously Menjoy as come a little astray in the worlds during his War with the squirrels! 23-03-2007
- A Skewed Paradise - Candi seems slightly uncomfortable with being pushed aside by strangers in the mall! 31-10-2008
- Times Like This - Sounds like Candi is on the list of Bethany's favorite webcomics! 21-11-2008
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Trevor arrives to Dave's birthday party, dressed up and with an attitude! 05-04-2011
- CameoComic - Scale is obviously keeping an eye on Candi, there's a strip hanging on the wall! 14-06-2011
- Spoofy Randomness - Candi inspired SP originally, so she is represented in the 10 year anniversary strip! 01-09-2019

Starline X. Hodge cameos/references:
- It's Walky! - In the left corner of the negative image we find Starline as a SEMME agent! 21-04-2004
- Surviving Mars - Obviously Starline was one of the Ares-1 cops killed by Dr. Daedalus over the years! 17-08-2005

Hogan's Notes:

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