Cantrip the Magic Rabbit
Cantrip the Magic Rabbit

- None recorded

- Femmegasm - Both shelly and June has heard a couple of things.. but what kind of things? 24-09-2008
- Treasure Hunters - Domino watch in surprise as the limo drives up in front of the school! 24-09-2008
- Death Bunny - Smile to the rabbit little girl, smile to... Death Bunny! 10-10-2008
- Cosmic Dash - How can Mara turn down a party when there are so much food involved?! 22-12-2008

Cantrip cameos/references can be found in:
- Femmegasm - Looks like this shop has a nice collection of figurines, Goldie among them! 13-11-2008
- Femmegasm - I don't know is a Candice doll can be considered "junk", but Shelly thinks so! 24-02-2009

"Poinko" cameos/references:
- Femmegasm - Poinko is one of the judges that gives Daisy the full treatment! 01-12-2009

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