Capes-N-Babes Capes-N-Babes

- None recorded

- Girls with Slingshots - Looks like Roy just about managed to sneak some clothes from McPedro and hide out! 23-07-2008
- Girls with Slingshots - I think Jameson is allowed to be a bit virtual sarcastic at this point when a banner is brought forth! 05-01-2009
- Evil Inc. - Yep, life will be Dull & Boring again... right until Evil Atom catches up with the plane! 09-09-2009
- Girls with Slingshots - Say, I didn't know Jami and Hazel did star in Zombie Tramps from Planet X? 30-10-2009
- Life With Death - Don't invite Kim Reaper for Hibachi unless you mean it, she got some mean means to get to you! 02-09-2011
- All New Issues - Jason makes a call to Marc to complain about a prank Roy pulled earlier! 17-05-2013

Capes-N-Babes cameos/references can be found in:
- 1977 - Capes-N-Babes? No, here we are having CAKES and Babes... much more delicious! 21-09-2010

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Phables - Brad Guigar shows how you are doing gun-control, the Philly way... one for the Phables! 16-07-2008
- Girls with Slingshots - Being mistaken for Terry Moore allows Danielle to show off her Slingshot part! 25-07-2008
- Girls with Slingshots - Nothing says Love from Danielle Corsetto as a written restraining order! 26-09-2008
- Evil Inc. - Being the King of Puns, Brad Guigar acts all the way, sharing his knowledge! 19-12-2008

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