Captain Mike
Captain Mike

- B.S. Private Investigation - Visiting the San Diego Convention, Mike meets the intrepid investigators! 16-07-2003

- PDI - Tracker and Mysto make an appearence as giant mosaic works! 24-06-2001
- Fight, Cast Or Evade - Yerzle and Portia is... the subtle architecture flanking the entrance! 25-06-2001
- Under the Lemon Tree - Sheldon welcomes people to the library as your Friendly AI! 26-06-2001
- Midcentral - Kyle is the AI of the hostile game that kicks Mike's ass! 28-06-2001
- Ozy & Millie - Ozy is digitalized as the Zen Master Hologram Jet is up against! 29-06-2001
- Not Gonna Take It - Penny is the graphical image of the friendly reprogrammed security AI! 30-06-2001
- Gene Catlow - Yes, Captain Mike starring in Galactic Defense is a hit in Gene Catlow's dimension! 18-09-2001

Captain Mike cameos/references can be found in:
- Gene Catlow - Captain Mike is saving the day in the classic episodes of Galactic Defense! 05-09-2001

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Framed - Hehehe... yes, Damonk has quite a few problems in his own comic! 25-09-2001

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