Captain Mooki
Captain Mooki

- None recorded

- Melonpool - Ralph walks by behind the monologuing Von Brainworm! 21-08-2002
- Fusion D - Watching the floating TV, Fusion D is also around the space station! 21-08-2002

Captain Mooki cameos/references can be found in:
- Amazon Space Rangers - Guess Captain Mooki has it easy with blending in at the Scientificon! 19-10-2002
- FusionD - One of the dolls in the window is the spitting chibi-image of Captain Mooki! 29-09-2003

Teague Tysseling cameos/references:
- FusionD - Finally it's revealed that it was Teague who did the recent month of strips! Gueststrip30-04-2003

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