Caribbean Blue
Caribbean Blue

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- Anthronauts - A shop that sells shirts with Calimary on GOT to be worth visiting! 12-02-2012
- Las Lindas - Looks like Las Lindas is not the only place where you can get GR8! 19-02-2012
- Yosh! - Yosh Swimwear collection has a poster up in the shop at great vantage point! 04-03-2012
- Yosh! - Looks like we have both Phil and Kate hanging out in the harbour area today! ??-11-2014

Caribbean Blue cameos/references can be found in:
- Las Lindas - Obviously enjoying time at the beach, Tina also stops for an icecream! 13-06-2005
- Las Lindas - Having a great time at the dance, Yuki takes the swings with her partner! 02-05-2007
- Las Lindas - High above the spectator-seats we easily spot a Caribbean Blue banner! BatB, 05-05-2008
- Cross Time Cafe - High sun and catgirl in bikinies, but Caribbean Blue lacks ice cream! 11-04-2009
- Las Lindas - Looks like Maya have an a couple of interesting choices for night-entertainment! BatB, 03-05-2009
- Yosh! - Tina makes an appearance in this (almost) all cat-girl Yosh Christmas Special! 23-12-2009
- Yosh! - When Phil is away... Tina and Kimi gets to have a pillowfight...? Gueststrip08-11-2010
- My Life With Fel - And so it was revealed that Fel has a secret sparetime job... as Tina! Gueststrip15-06-2012
- Desert Fox - That's a very sweet pair of Tina-trademarked undies Fulvus is wearing... and wearing well! 11-03-2017

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