Carry On
Carry On

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- Cross Time Cafe - Celebrating wedding at Cross Time cafe? Highjinks assured for the next storyline! 02-07-2004
- The Whiteboard - Doc appears at the door to deliver a warning by paintball-gun! 24-11-2006
- Freighter Tails - So Fern Rougebec is the one playing Mzzkiti on the show Freighter Tales? Interesting! 06-03-2009
- Freefall - Looks like Sam around here got something to say in the managing of his comicbook! 29-07-2009
- Kevin & Kell - My guess is that she sees a Five-Foot-Six rabbit whenever Kevin comes by! 20-08-2010
- Girl Genius - Yep, if she'd read Girl Genius she would know how you get rid of heirs and access to lands! 20-02-2012
- Doc Rat - Well, I don't think Doc Rat is joking about the diet, but he might need to check his glasses! 20-04-2012
- Girl Genius - Maxim's way of getting a new hat seems to have become a widely accepted way of doing it! 02-01-2013
- Freighter Tails - Mzzkiti has been idle for long, but having a hair napped from portal does snap her out of it! 29-05-2013
- Cross Time Cafe - Picking a hair from a mane in another dimension is easy enough when you got a Tardis! 29-05-2013
- Freefall - A strand of hair is picked from the Mayer's head... by dimensional portal! 29-05-2013
- 21st Century Fox - From out of the blue, Beth Regina has a hair picked out of her mane! 29-05-2013
- Freefall - So... Uri is writing Fan-Fiction based on Freefall? Don't EVER ask him about that, please! 11-12-2017
- Freefall - After the ruckus in the dock has been cleared, Sam and Helix decides its time to come out of hiding! 09-02-2018
- The Whiteboard - In the city of Kiyanti, Doc has a little shop for the selling of his books.. and the occasional trebuchet! 23-03-2018
- Housepets - You gotta be worried when you are up against Housepets for a Ursa Major Award! 06-03-2020
- Freefall - Freefall is also nominated for the Ursa Major Award 2019... but does not fool around! 06-03-2020
- Doc Rat - Doc Rat is lucky they don't have a foolish artist when they are nominate for the Ursa Major 2019 Award! 06-03-2020
- Friends You Are Stuck With - The comic of Friends You Are Stuck With is up for the Ursa Major 2019 Award! 06-03-2020

Carry On cameos/references can be found in:
- The Legend of Anne Bunny - Is that Pepe the Fire Ant hanging out there on the bar? 20-04-2005
- Cross Time Cafe - Its a sheepish Carry On affair that calls for... ice cream! 11-04-2009
- The Whiteboard - A military man, its no wonder Lt. Kruger has shown up for some paintball battle! 02-01-2015
- Freefall - Freddy stops up to explain the perfect logic behind webcomic characters using Freefall as a shortcut! 01-04-2015
- Freefall - Songween seems very miffed over the fact that there's no icecream present after the chase of Sam! 01-04-2019
- The Whiteboard - When Doc gets an order for "Painball Guns" from the Hyena Brigade, SOMEONE is going to feel pain! Gueststrip02-03-2020
- The Whiteboard - The usual tactics of The Black Watch-team seems to have failed them in their last paintball match! 11-05-2020

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Liberty Meadows - Thats a pretty good description of some of Frank Cho's art... yeeeeeeeeeeah! 05-01-2009
- Girl Genius - There's a whole lot of great works by "Gil Froglio" there... but the plain brown wrapper? 18-01-2009
- Girl Genius - Oh yes, I think the blush quite well tell that she is familiar with "Gil Froglio's" work! 31-07-2009
- Girl Genius - A typical family evening in the Phil and Kaja Foglio Household includes... sweet bedtime stories? 07-02-2011
- Housepets - Take out the "Housepets guy"? Someone should give Rick Griffin a fair warning! 05-03-2018
- Doc Rat - So Koz is wanting them to take out "The Doc Rat Guy"? Jenner should start getting worried! 05-03-2018
- Freefall - So... Koz is going to nail Mark Stanley to help Carry On win the Ursa Major? Run Stanley, Run! 05-03-2018

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