- None recorded

- Neko the Kitty - A nice, cute and familiar kitty in the house... though Baxter's feet like it best! 07-04-2004

Catharsis cameos/references can be found in:
- Labgoats - B is for Baxter who foamed at the mouth! 09-10-2003
- Neko the Kitty - Tennibrook arrives to pick up one of the kittens, and she chooses Aya! 08-04-2004
- Neko the Kitty - Tennibrook captures Keno, and he must be rescued from Catharsis before the shaver is put to use! 17-08-2004
- Nothing Special - Both Romulus, Remus, Bitey, and Aya has been put up an the plushie-shelves! 02-02-2005
- Nothing Special - Right in the middle of the crowd of spectators, we recognize the ears of Doodlebunny! 06-05-2005
- Nothing Special - Seen fullface and wearing a large smile, the Doodlebunny takes part in the farewell! 16-05-2005

Hogan's Notes:

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