- None recorded

- Emergency Exit - How easy to recognize Bob in the first panel... wounded and pissy! 21-11-2008
- Emergency Exit - Eddie wearing his eerie smile and an axe should put a stop to anyones movement! 30-10-2009
- The Wacky Adv. of Lunar and Kirk - Securing the gate, Binky oozes selfconfidence! 30-10-2009
- Parallel Dementia - It doesn't looks like the Alexi we are used to... but will you tell her that? 30-10-2009
- Just Another Escape - Anikia actually does well as ancient soldier walking and sacking Rome...! 16-11-2009
- The Adv. of Wiglaf & Mordred - Driver... two different time-periods... stilll uniform violations XD 16-11-2009
- Parallel Dementia - Poor Boxer, the trick with not sleeping is not... that effective in the end! 03-01-2011

Cerintha cameos/references can be found in:
- Atavism - Before she even joined Cerintha, Discordia got beaten around for smoking publically! 27-12-2006
- Emergency Exit - Looking just a tad annoyed, Larkspur watches the groups hardcore arrival! 08-09-2008
- Emergency Exit - Kyran's appearance and "infamity" has a remarkable effect on Cerintha! 09-09-2008
- Emergency Exit - Shield and sword ready, Gifblaar runs in... unfortunately to impeding doom once again! 21-11-2008
- The Wacky Adv. of Lunar and Kirk - Draconius does his best as Dark Guy for Halloween, but... ! 31-10-2009
- The Wacky Adv. of Lunar and Kirk - Cerintha was never one to dis a good deus ex machina! 27-11-2009

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Parallel Dementia - Poor Bean looks scared out of his mind while he hides from the Barbarian "horde"! 20-08-2008

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