Charby the Vampirate
Charby the Vampirate

- Elijah & Azuu - Azuu gets a letter from his long-lost cousin Zeno, and crossover time is on! ??-??-2005
- 3rd Party Fantasy - Rem, Mercy, and Carnal drop in the Charbyverse for a visit, and hilarity is ensured! ??-??-2005

- Shades of Violet Sin - Greeting Charby from the front row we have none other than Violet and Norris! 27-09-2006
- Grave Shift - Cassie must have been give the night off to partake in Charby's grat party! 27-09-2006
- Sins - Both Sloth, Greed and Envy are at Samrick's party to greet Charby at arrival! 27-09-2006
- Welcome to Normal - Tikvah, properly bowtified, stands in front row as Charby enters the party in his honor! 27-09-2006
- Evilish - Rarebit has sneaked in to be among the horde of guest at the great party! 27-09-2006
- Welcome to Normal - Looks like Binky is already bored of the party despite the funny happenings! 20-10-2006
- Chipmunks of the Blade - Clad in his finest livery, Milknut does a dazzling figure at the Devilish party! 20-10-2006
- Mildly Mundane - Seems like Mac the Vampire has taken his time to ransack the castle during the party! 20-10-2006
- Zebra Girl - Looks like Jack has managed to sneak in unnoticed among Demons and Vampires! 20-10-2006
- The Wild Hunt - Eyes aglow and look majestic, Scath walks the halls of Samric's party! 24-10-2006
- Zebra Girl - At a place where Demons and Devils party, Sandra finally seems to fit in! 24-10-2006
- Elijah & Azuu - Azuu is hanging out at the party, having acquired a nice cool drink! 05-11-2006
- Night School - No party this big could completely be without the attendance of Amelius-Lynn! 05-11-2006
- The WAVAM Project - Vechero shows up for the party, dressed tall and dark! 05-11-2006
- Night School - None other than Damianos has gotten out of school to attend Samric's great party! 04-12-2006
- 3rd Party Fantasy - Big party at Samrics, in Charby's honor, and Rem has off course gotten a ticket! 04-12-2006
- Supernormal Step - Looks like Jim Black has dug out his suit and is actually acting nice at Samric's big party! 09-01-2007
- The Escapades of the Blue Kotatsu - The Blue Kotatsu has joined the demonic party in uniform! 23-01-2007
- The Adventures of Super Maths Beaver - Looks like Super Math hardly can keep his eyes open! 23-01-2007
- Unlife is Unfair - Skylar is hanging around in the background of the halls, just taking it calm and quietly! 07-02-2007
- Danielle Dark - Though she is a vampire, Danielle actually looks out of place among the partygoers! 15-04-2007
- One Question - Dressed for party, with a butterfly even, Dart looks around for something to play with! 05-05-2007
- Lola - Looking meek and out of place, Lola have somehow wandered into Samric's Demon Party! 16-06-2007
- Life's a Dilema With Cory and Emma - Among the guest at Samric's big party we find none other than Emma! 06-07-2007
- Mob Ties - For once there's a place where Mika looks and feels right at home... Samric's Demon Party! 06-07-2007
- Detective Fork - Wonder is Detective Fork is doing some stalking out on the table... or gettting something to eat? 09-10-2007
- Vindibudd - Vindibudd looks very happy with himself... wonder if he knows he is at a Demon party? 09-10-2007
- Star Cross'd Destiny - Juno has off course received an invitation to Samric's party and showed up at the buffet! 09-10-2007
- Nadya - Among the guests gathered around the buffet we find none other than Nadya! 09-10-2007
- Vampire Phantasm - Ever alert, Jack walk among the many guests gathered at Samric's Demon Party! 16-10-2007
- Pinky TA - Pinky has found herself in strange places over time... but at a Demon Party!?! 23-10-2007
- Villany Minor - More or less unfaced from all the ruckus, Xan just watched the pointless violence happen! 23-10-2007
- George the Dragon - George casts a sly glance in Mye and Tony's direction, watching them dance! 15-01-2008
- Maggoy Bot - Chainey has obviosly blundered his way into Samric's party... much to his own suprise! 12-06-2008
- Cwen's Quest - Lost in the halls, Wendy Weasel have tried attending Samric's great Demon Party! 05-08-2008
- Wonkedo - Having sneaked into the Demon Party, Wonkedo DePest has fun trying to put out Foomy! 31-10-2008
- Ishi Alliance - Not baffled by the myriad strange creatures at Samric's party, Tsubiui walks nonchelantly around! 31-10-2008
- Allan - Allan walks comfortably around in the background, unnerved by the strange beings he passes! 19-03-2009
- New Luciefer - That's Luciefer allright, in the hallway together with a lot of other horned guests! 19-03-2009
- The Path - The way Chance looks at the rest of the assembled guests looks... foreboding! 19-03-2009
- Acquired Taste - When all the strange guests assemble in the halls, Zak keeps to tbe background! 19-03-2009
- Phineus, Magician for Hire - Being a Magician was enough for Phineus to be around at the party it seems! 19-03-2009
- Applied Living - Being more Human than most around here, Shaun and Dave wisely keep to the back! 19-03-2009
- A Murder of Two - When all the strange beings go to party, of course Murder of Two is represented! 19-03-2009
- Ishi Alliance - Jack and Cynthia walks the strange crowd at the party... feeling unnerved? 19-03-2009
- Paranormal Activity - In the back of the hallway we spotRaphael among the extraordinaire guests! 19-03-2009
- Villain Next Door - Of all the assembled creatures and beings, Dr. Argon is probably the most evil looking! 19-03-2009
- Maggot Boy - Maggot Boy, A.K.A. Davey, feels right at home between undeads and other eerie beings! 19-03-2009
- Music of the Spheres - Klesk strides confidently along the hallway among the many strange beings! 19-03-2009
- Sins - On the eve of the party, Lust is still hanging out, enjoying the wine to the very last! 19-03-2009

Charby cameos/references can be found in:
- Welcome to Normal - Tiki is awesome fond of Vampire Princes, especially in chibi mode! 16-03-2005
- Mijime Da - Looks like the Vampirate has sponsored a costume for the Holloween! Archived locally28-10-2005
- Enter the Duck - Aussie prepares to enter Charby the Vampirate... with certain goals in mind ??-??-2006
- Mildly mundane - You should think Charby as too young to be in the bar... but he IS 200+ years! 16-02-2007
- Mob Ties - Hmm... wonder it Charby was hunted by Gotcha... or worked for them? 03-07-2007
- The Burnhams - Charby smiles brightly after having downed his opponent in the Bashout! 01-05-2008
- Sins - Wonder if Kavonn has been watching the Necromancer compertition or taken part? 29-10-2008
- City of Weirdos - Looks like Zeno got charmed by Lucky so that the bankheist could be done in peace! 26-11-2008
- Boobs Ahoy! - Well, Mannik may be creepy, but he is easy to get out of your hair... hat... ehh! MA content warning!26-04-2009
- The Dragonfists of Smorty Smythe - So Charby is a member of the Vampire Hair Club? Much prefer the "before" look...! 12-02-2010
- Cwen's Quest - Visiting the world of Charby & Co, there's definitely a lot to learn and experience! 01-07-2010
- The Dragonfists of Smorty Smythe - Looks like Jigsaw is going to get hell for having brought Charby into this! 25-10-2010
- The Dragonfists of Smorty Smythe - Somebody have been reading Charby in order to come up with those costumes! 19-11-2010
- Komet Kangaroo - You think you could have landed a juicy job with Charby the Vampirate, Dr. Freedom? 11-04-2011
- Cwen's Quest - Mistaking Charby for a girl... mistake #1. Mistaking him for a kid... Last Mistake! 11-04-2012

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Shades Of Grey - Looks like David took a wrong turn somewhere? Will his holy weapons get him out again? 27-09-2006
- Mechwarrior - Cool and clear, Zane hangs out at the entry to Charby's big party! 27-09-2006
- Ialus - Magick Lorelai seems to enjoy the festivitas of Samric's big party for Charby! 13-11-2006

Amy "Amelius" of the Darkness cameos/references:
- Creepy Carly - Don't mess with Amelius, she got the knives out and know how to use them! 25-12-2007
- Boobs Ahoy! - Captain Clover is putting the moves on Amelius, but is cut short before success! MA content warning!11-02-2008
- The Dragonfists of Smorty Smythe - Blushing Amelius is front and center of the cheering crowd celebrating her awesomeness! 07-08-2009
- Growlution - Amy rocks the dress and our world during the celebration of the 50th Growlution comic! 12-07-2023

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