Checkerboard Nightmare
Checkerboard Nightmare

- None recorded

- PvP Online - Wonder if CN retooled in PvP style would ever have catched on? 09-02-2001
- Penny Arcade - The best way to thank Gabe and Tycho... is to make them robotic! 09-03-2001
- PvP Online - Brent and Francis gives all the can in the battle against Vaporware! 28-05-2001
- Bad Boys of Computer Science - Vaporware gives Nick Yu the high knee in the battle of the 4th wall! 28-05-2001
- White Ninja - Even a horde of White Ninjas doesn't seem to win the battle against Vaporware! 28-05-2001
- Little Gamers - Christian and Madsen are knocked out by Vaporware in the Self-Aware Humor battle! 28-05-2001
- Real Life - Both Greg and Dave leap into the fray and the battle for Self-Aware Humor! 28-05-2001
- Bob the Angry Flower - In the best Angry Flower style, Checkerboard celebrates a 1 year anniversary! 09-11-2001
- User Friendly - The missing CN strip has been hiding out in User Friendly's huuuuge archive! 24-07-2002
- Polymer City Chronicles - The comic and its ending as if it has been made by certain other artist! 11-09-2002
- Megatokyo - The Megatokyo table is empty and a "Tomorrow for Sure sign up"? No news there! 03-02-2003
- Something Positive - Guess the Something Positive table follows suit with a "Tomorrow for sure" sign! 03-02-2003
- Penny Arcade - Guess the character-interaction would have been MUCH different in PA-style! 28-04-2003
- Real Life - No, its not Real Life they are watching, there's not enough... self-congratulation...? 04-07-2003
- Exploding Dog - Looking high, looking low, looking while in Exploding Dog style...! 06-02-2004
- PvP Online - Chex's helpless hostage drops a drawing of Brent Sienna! 30-04-2004
- Spells & Whistles - E'los' comic is growing so fast that Chex is unable to keep up! 02-08-2004
- Diesel Sweeties - Too bad for Chex that Clango's comic grows so fast that he can't keep up! 02-08-2004
- Mac Hall - Matt steps in to show Chex that he cannot take over the background effects of Mac Hall! 09-09-2004
- Bonus Stage - Chex does a little add... Bonus Stage style! With Joel guest-starring! 30-12-2004
- Queen of Wands - The Queen of Wands strip ends on the roof of Chex' car! 24-02-2005
- Something Positive - Chex drives the car that runs over Kestrel over! 24-02-2005
- Sluggy Freelance - Guess a possible scapegoat is an instant cameo!? 24-02-2005
- Starslip Crisis - Afraid of being ended, Chex is talking down on Starslip and its plots! 03-06-2005
- PvP Online - Out in Webcomic City we can clearly see a building with a giant PvP-logo! 19-08-2005
- Penny Arcade - Chex interviews PA... who seem to have had a bit of success with their comic! 01-06-2006
- VG Cats - So the scripts for the movie is too short for VG Cats? It's a lifetime for us...! 01-06-2006
- 8-bit Theater - You just have to know what makes Black Mage tick to get him your way! 01-06-2006
- Ctrl+Alt+Del - Seems like things in the Ctrl-household have changed in the script... only a little though! 01-06-2006
- PvP Online - Brent do not want videogame references in his video game magazine movie... interesting! 01-06-2006

Checkerboard cameos/references can be found in:
- 3 Finger Salute - Chex and Vaporware give advice on what makes a webcomic good! 13-08-2001
- Whatever - End up in Checkerboard Nightmare, and there's things thats bound to happen! 29-08-2001
- Whatever - Eliot meets Chex and Vaporware... and thats obviously it! 21-09-2001
- Xorph - Polkadot cannot do the rescue, she has other contract obligations! 13-03-2002
- Construction Paper Angst - A poster featuring Chex can be found right behin the door! 13-03-2002
- Whatever - When you talk to a girl on the net, you might have Chex... sexy Chex though! 27-03-2002
- The Whiteboard - Chex is on his way to get drunk at "Doc's" great Halloween Party! 31-10-2003
- Labgoats - V is for Vaporware, whose logic was fried! 01-11-2003
- Something Positive - With help from Choo-Choo, BOTH Chex's ends got taken care of...! Gueststrip01-01-2004
- Framed - In the great pile can be found a painting of Chex! 23-07-2004
- Lost & Found - Off course we already know the secret identify for... Chalkboard Nightmare! 09-02-2005
- Something Positive - Oh my! Look who makes roadkill in the background! 24-02-2005
- The Whiteboard - Check the sign, Chex's getaway car is for sale! 28-02-2005
- Lethal Doses - Chex takes the return of Soup with ease and a cup of coffee! 24-06-2005
- The Pet Professional - Wonder why there's noone at the CN-table at Comicon... is it closettime? 15-07-2005
- HOUSD - Okay, when trying an individual style, you can go too far! 16-07-2005
- Niego - Niego goes all Checkerboard Nightmare in this strip! 26-08-2005
- Niego - J.S has already been making fun of Checkerboard, so what's next? 01-09-2005
- Coiling Spine - He doesn't look all bad...Rettig is going for Halloween as Chex! 31-10-2005
- Today - Chex is getting revenge on his creator for putting his comic on hold! 12-11-2005
- Lost & Found - Like if Irony wrote the strip, Chex is run over by a red car! 14-11-2005
- The Tao of Geek - Chex has the most interesting suggestion for those who wants to get a hobby! 08-12-2005
- Arthur, King of Time and Space - Chex joins the suicide bandwagon... quick and painless preferred! 19-12-2005
- Coiling Spine - Chex has taken Christmas-dressing to a whole new level of weirdness! Archived locally25-12-2005
- Coiling Spine - At one of the abandoned stations, an X-Holiday obviously has taken place...! 17-01-2006
- Radioactive Panda - The puppetry scene of Chesspiece Soliloquy COULD refer to Checkerboard! 26-03-2006
- The Misadv. of Chichi-Chan - Well, it could have been fun for Shiroi to be in a webcomics like... Checkerboard? MA content warning!04-07-2007
- The Whiteboard - Wonder why Chex brought a shoved to a Halloween Party? Digging himself up or someone down? 31-10-2016
- Fans - Among the transducing creatures send against Alan is Chex! Strip 1663
- Bonus Stage - Chex gets a small cameo on the stage, just to show that he rocks! Episode #45
- Deathworld - Wonder how Vaporware will do at Killbot? It's Humans he loathe, not robots! Strip 268
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Chex and Vaporware visit to help with a little experiment about colors! Strip 65
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Trying to copy Vaporware, Thanatos comes up with... Deathbot 5000! Strip 79
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Looks like both Thanatos and Kyle have a little problem with robots! Strip 124
- Bigger Than Cheeses - I don't think Checkerboard-style will help Thanatos to COUNT more readers! Strip 345
- Bigger Than Cheeses - BTC introduces...Chex Drugs made by Cut'n Paste! Strip 389
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Chex might have gone to the Afterlife, but he is still watching Thanatos' last move! Strip 876

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- I Can't Stop Thinking - Lance Sharps' showcases looks pretty much like the ones Scott usually does! 02-09-2002
- Liberty Meadows - Miss the convention crowd? Go and look where Frank Cho is drawing naked women! 03-02-2003
- Megatokyo - Chex and his spade has a little chat with Piro... Megatokyo style! 19-04-2004
- Superosity - Chex has Chris Crosby draw him some Superosity before he strikes! 23-04-2004
- Scary Go Round - Making a strike against John Allison, Chex goes all Scary Go Round! 26-04-2004
- Real Life - In Real Life style, Greg Dean manages to block Chex' dastardly attack! 28-04-2004
- I Can't Stop Thinking - Scott McCloud appears to bring down Chex's rule of terror by the spade! 30-04-2004
- The Longest Sojourn - Ping Teo has managed to be included in the Ladies of Webcomics calender! 15-12-2005

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