Chopping Block
Chopping Block

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- Sinfest - Why should Butch sell his soul to the Devil? He is already owned by him! 09-10-2000
- Down to Earth - Did Lew serve in the German LuftWaffle along with Butch? 10-10-2000
- Living in Greytown - A historical mystery revealed... it was a bet and Phil on the Grassy Knoll! 11-10-2000
- Hell Sweet Hell - Hell Hath No Fury... when Satan discovered a Starbuck there! 12-10-2000
- JoBeth - Funny that JoBeth should give Butch ideas... unfortunately we might add! 01-11-2000
- Greystone Inn - Argus the Gargoyle is centerfold in Butch's calender! 24-01-2001
- Greystone Inn - High among the rooftops, Argus the Gargoyle keeps Butch company in his work! 13-04-2001
- Boxjam's Doodle - Boxjam is a member of the jury that sentences Butch to death! 12-09-2001

Chopping Block cameos/references can be found in:
- Chaos Inc. - Butch has been called in to do duty in the jury of villains! 20-01-2001
- Snail Dust - I think they would have been a bit more worried if she HAD been Butch R. Mann! 07-02-2001
- Blotto Street - Butch wants to get to the Computer Lab and get to check his favorite webcomics! WCA 05-05-2001
- La Mouette - Butch doesn't seems to bee to happy with having been an inspiration! 26-07-2001
- Burnt Dog Radio - A dimension with Jeremy and Butch is NOT a nice one! 17-08-2001
- Zortic - On the tree in the middle we recognize a foreboding etching resembling Butch's mask! 17-08-2001
- Greystone Inn - Butch does a little walking around in the background while he waits for his cue! 28-08-2001
- Framed - Though its a hockey mask, the seriel killer virus has not struck here yet! 14-09-2001
- Floyd - The Chopping Block Serial Killer virus seems to be spreading rapidly! 14-09-2001
- Schlock Mercenary - Butch is out for a little stroll on his way to the Haunted Hill House! 17-09-2001
- Midcentral - Yes, serial killers are noted for making people disappear! 04-02-2002
- Greystone Inn - Tuxedo and hockey mask, Butch is dressed up in his finest for the occasion! 09-05-2003
- Zortic - A Butch-copycat stalks the halls of Zoe's future sorority house! 10-10-2003
- The Whiteboard - Butch is sneaking in to leave his mark on the great Halloween Party! 28-10-2003
- Filthy Lies - Is that a picture of Butch on the wall? Yes, the eyes ARE following you! 23-08-2004
- Widgetitis -Oh yes, it was back in 2005 when T. Campbeel did sneak into Google HQ... along with Butch! 29-04-2011
- Boritom - Now there's a real puzzle for Butch, what will happen to Boritom if you kill him? #00007
- Search Engine Funnies - Well T, Butch is excellent at slicing... ehh, cracking open little loopholes! Strip 0022

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