City of Dream
City of Dream

- None recorded

- Life & Death - Fitting that a filler featuring Booby and Steve would feature puns as well! 08-07-2010
- Life & Death - Bobby gets to deliver a few lines of puns and Steve gets the last word! 02-01-2011
- Life & Death - Both Bobby and Steve having signed up as Undead-banishers? Bobby to keep Steve in tow? 10-06-2011
- The KAMics - Yep, both Gertrude and Brunhilde have shown to be top Undead-banishers in the past! 10-06-2011
- NPC - Felix is ready to compete for the honor of becoming the Top Undead Banisher! 10-06-2011
- Super Temps - They don't call him Iron Pants for nothing! Now he is ready to banish the Undead! 10-06-2011
- Magiversity - As soon as there's a chance to get to slash Undead, Miss Katrinity takes a leave from school! 10-06-2011
- George the Dragon - Looks like George would like to get his claws in on the Undead banishing? 10-06-2011
- The KAMics - Mr and Mrs Rockhound learns that fast feet is golden when fleeing the pyrite experience! 14-06-2011
- Girl Genius - A genuine Claus Wulfenbach Monograph? How can you ever do without it? 20-01-2012

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