- Venus Envy - In order to giver her a break, Carrie is granted a "vacation"... in Zoe's body and life! Strip 270

- Tasha's World - Tasha is visting the exhibition, watching an useless and boring prop! Strip 44
- Venus Envy - You didn't know Zoe was a closet-Trekkie... with her own uniform and all? Strip 44
- E Motel - Whitefaced Greg seems to be relaxed and enjoying the show! Strip 44
- Radioactive Fanboys - Bernhardt is also watching the cosplay pageant very relaxed! Strip 44
- Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki - Victoria shows up in a Valkyrie Yuuki costume! Strip 45
- A Wish for Wings - Andrea is taking Carrie and Irving's orders at Art's Diner! Strip 125
- Triquetra Cats - In the dream-sequence we see Stone Blueday and Pito-Pita Chan in the background! Strip 127
- Venus Envy - Zoe is manning the counter, but cannot help with the oldies of videogames! Strip 169
- Triquetra Cats - Guess in this dimension the Cats are doing great in the commercial business! Strip 171
- The Wotch - Sonja and Anne streak past... in hurry for the latest sale at the mall? Strip 172
- GreyMatters - Wednesday and Rene walk past, ignored as just another Deja Vu! Strip 172
- From Then On Forth - Rachel isn't following anybody, but gets accused for doing so! Strip 172
- A Wish For Wings - Andrea Williamson is taken for a stalker... innocent off course! Strip 172

Closetspace cameos/references can be found in:
- Venus Ascending - Allison and Carrie have enlisted aboard the Star Ship! 06-07-2005
- From Then On Forth - Carrie visits the TG therapist, but Allison are not with her this time! Gueststrip29-08-2005
- The Wotch: Cheer - Agent 32 has become bored and started tripping up people from other comics! Gueststrip12-11-2005
- Venus Ascending - Both Allison and Carrie are back to explain the concept of fire to their captain! 25-01-2006
- Venus Envy - I think Carrie could play a pretty good Zoe... nice choice Erin! 14-06-2006

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Unicorn Jelly - Jennifer Reitz holds a booksigning at SciFiConExpoFestARama! Strip 44

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