Code Name: Hunter
Code Name: Hunter

- None recorded

- DMFA - In the realm of the fey Miss Mab and Pip obviosuly resides at this point! 12-09-2005
- Cross Time Cafe - White Pony exits the realm of the fey to help a "pest" on a quest! 19-09-2005

Dode Name: Hunter cameos/references can be found in:
- LXF - From across the pond, Ruby, Max and Eric watches the US news with interest! 27-12-2006
- Cross Time Cafe - Even a Hunter needs ice cream, and thats what the demand is from Code Name: Hunter! 11-04-2009
- Precocious - We know Code Name: Hunter... now, face the marketing in... Code Name: Pizza! 13-03-2011
- Precocious - Hmm... wonder what it took for Ruby to get banned from this particular museum? 12-05-2011
- DMFA - That movie on the table looks awfully a lot like the secret files of Code Name: Hunter! 26-09-2011
- DMFA - Both Max and Ruby enjoys a free cruise on the expense of a evil genius! #453

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