- None recorded

- Adventurers - Yes, perhaps he would have been better off with the cameo in Adventurers! 23-02-2001
- Framed - Mike, Frank, Derek and Alison gets a brief time at the screens in the headquarter! 10-08-2001
- Superosity - Chris gives a helping hand with winning back Comicollage's audience! 10-03-2002

Comicollage cameos/references can be found in:
- Chaos Inc. - Your-Own-Best-Friend is ready to cut through with the Jury's decission! 20-01-2001
- FusionD - Kat does a nice plushy-doll... just look at it! 26-09-2001
- FusionD - Tubed and ready for examination... Kat is a part of the lab's catgirl-collection! 28-04-2002

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Nukees - Darren Bleuel gives a few comments about the strips drop in approval ratings! 10-03-2002

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