- None recorded

- Victory - For an early Halloween, Nathan goes as Victory with flying colors! 14-10-2006
- Lightbringer - Casting a light on Halloween, Jake is dressed and powered up as Lightbringer! 14-10-2006
- Mindmistress - Carmen gives it as Mindmistress in the early Halloween filler! 14-10-2006
- Green Avenger - Lori feels perfectly alive in the Hallowen strip, dressed as the Green Avenger! 14-10-2006

Cooties cameos/references can be found in:
- Ardra - Lenora's alternative Christmas Stoyr has the cooties enthralled and in tears! 02-01-2008
- Ardra - Looke like George has now decided to try his hand at speed-dating! 14-06-2011

Nick Perkins cameos/references:
- Union of Heroes - Nick Perkins's (Top row, 4th from left) life was touched and saved by Lynn's unwilling sacrifice! Page 131

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