Court of Roses
Court of Roses

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- Realm of Owls - Poor Merlow's bagpipe gets the full owl-treatment... and so does Merlow's ears! Gueststrip05-10-2021
- O Sarilho - Hey! Looks like A Torto e a Direito has also come to Calcin, walking the bridge over the gate! 26-07-2021
- Tamuran - Figures that we find Varony Domravilla and Kipnerys Jintaudri in a discussion in the streets of Calcin! 02-08-2021
- Cowboys & Crossovers - Oh my, looks like both Scale, Handler, Gertrude and Hank is paying this world and Calcin a visit! 02-08-2021
- Sombulus - That looks like Sydney hanging out outside The Shiny Lure tavern! 10-01-2022
- O Sarilho - The band of A Torto e a Direito still seems to be in town and hanging out! 10-01-2022
- Honestly Not A Robot - A tired Damien Young seems to be hanging out at the bar at The Shiny Lure! 10-01-2022
- Wayfinders: Off Course - Looks like we have both Lani, Andrée and Sally out shopping in the market today! 21-03-2022
- Kitsune Bakery - Quonn is out shopping at the market today... and in for some fishy times? 24-03-2022
- Now Recharging - Emmie and Morio are both shopping at the market with... different experiences! 24-03-2022
- Cupcake Warmachine - Stella is very sorry, but she her market booth is out of... potatoes? 28-03-2022
- Stars in Roses - Paladin is almost in tears over his lack of potatoes to sell! 28-03-2022
- Night Lights and Dark Places - Tolly is out shopping knives, and takes a particular interest in quality! 18-04-2022
- Millennium - Keith and Aaron has set up a stall on the market place and are... selling knives? 18-04-2022
- Ingress Adventuring Company - Toivo Kissa seems to have found something very interesting among the books in the library! 07-07-2022
- Tarot Tournament - Iggy has found a happy place in the library, stocking up on books! 07-07-2022
- SunnyxRain - Liam and Sunny are in the libray picking out... disturbing stuff Liam? 07-07-2022
- The Wide Ocean - Zahrah al-Sulayhi can be spotted walking the stacks of the library! 28-07-2022
- XII: Of Magic and Muses - Its other than Willow Diaz we meet on the library's staircase! 28-07-2022
- My Boyfriend The Mothman - Eugene has done a masked and eargerly joined the Masquerade's front row! 31-10-2022
- Sombulus - Even behind the mask there's no mistaking Rana's happy grin from being at the Masquerade! 31-10-2022
- Growlution - Its tricky to say if its a mask or not, but that IS Zeep in the front row at the Masquerade! 31-10-2022

Court of Roses cameos/references can be found in:
- Wayfinders: Off Course - Merlow and Nocturne are hanging in the tavern room and seem to havea good time! 16-10-2020
- Ruu & Walter - Out on the main street we see both Merlow and Nocturne walking by together! 06-06-2021
- Honestly Not A Robot - That customer with the cane looks familiar? He bears a striking resemblance to Nocturne! 15-10-2021
- Cupcake War Machine - Merlow is a fan of flavours so off course he'll buy a wide variety of cupcakes! 15-10-2021

Kelsey 'Nutty' Peterson cameos/references:
- Growlution - Nutty knows how to dress up and show off at the celebration of the 50th Growlution comic! 12-07-2023

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