Court of Roses
Court of Roses

- None recorded

- Realm of Owls - Poor Merlow's bagpipe gets the full owl-treatment... and so does Merlow's ears! Gueststrip05-10-2021
- O Sarilho - Hey! Looks like A Torto e a Direito has also come to Calcin, walking the bridge over the gate! 26-07-2021
- Tamuran - Figures that we find Varony Domravilla and Kipnerys Jintaudri in a discussion in the streets of Calcin! 02-08-2021
- Cowboys & Crossovers - Oh my, looks like both Scale, Handler, Gertrude and Hank is paying this world and Calcin a visit! 02-08-2021

Court of Roses cameos/references can be found in:
- Ruu & Walter - Out on the main street we see both Merlow and Nocturne walking by together! 06-06-2021

Hogan's Notes:

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