Crap I Drew On My Lunchbreak
Crap I Drew On My Lunchbreak

- None recorded

- Something Positive - Choo-Choo Bear obviously has a nice fetish for really soft spots! 04-08-2005
- Wapsi Square - There's no doubt about Jin being drawn Wapsi-style in the second panel! 04-08-2005
- Megatokyo - A really really close call on both the rant and drawing style of Megatokyo! 04-08-2005
- Penny Arcade - Is coming up with The Fruit-Fucker something to be ashamed of? 04-08-2005
- Girly - Perhaps the Marshmallow Kitty can do a little cheering up? 08-09-2005
- Two Lumps - Jin visits out of town and meet the original Eben and Snooch! 14-06-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Something Positive - Randy Milholland has the same problem as Jin... interested fans with no money! 19-01-2004

Jin Wicked cameos/references:
- Three Panel Soul - Jin Wicked puts up with Matt at dinnertime! 27-08-2007

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