- None recorded

- Autumn Bay - You will not go wrong with a sunglass model named "Mercy Black"! It's coolness factor is over 9000! 25-08-2017
- Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich - The "Eric MacDonald" model in sunglasses is for sale? Better check it out! 25-08-2017
- Bounty Hunter - Tommy Cooke rocks the best set of sunglasses, and now you can buy that particular model! 25-08-2017
- Autumn Bay - Sebastian Mallory attends the galla and has to listen to Roseland's ranting! 15-09-2017
- The Second Crimian War - In the airport background we spot Sarah Matapang, probably heading towards the 12:45 to Kiev! 17-11-2017
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - Ariane does a lot of travelling, but being justled in the airport does annoy her! 17-11-2017
- Awkward Paws - A Humanized version of Faustus Fitch runs for his flight, almost knocking over a fellow traveller! 17-11-2017
- Autumn Bay - Looks like both Andrew Chapel and Marie-Ange Lebeau are in the French Airport to catch a plane to Autumn Bay! 17-11-2017
- Inner Dialogue - The very popular "standing right here" guy is just standing around in the airport...! 17-11-2017
- Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R - in the French airport we spot Pejiba Va in the background! 17-11-2017
- Death Child - Determined and on her way to gate 6-10 in the French airport is none other than Camille Landers! 17-11-2017
- The Strangest Coven - Ffion Gwynne stops by in the French airport to have a look at a Wanted Poster hanging there! 17-11-2017
- Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files - Looks like the French are up to Ardrienne Renelsoir, they got a Wanted Poster in the airport! 17-11-2017
- Pow! Right in the Nostalgia - Claire is doing a lot of travelling with her band, and this time she is spotted in the French airport! 17-11-2017
- Kaza's Mate, Gwenna - The Commissioner and Lady Catherine have packed and are ready to embark on a longer trip! 17-11-2017
- Autumn Bay - Looks like Detective Paige Logan is on the case regarding the murder of Timmy III! 03-05-2018
- Pow! Right in the Nostalgia - So the shop have one of the old Toxid Warhead concert tour posters for sale? 08-10-2018
- Holding Pattern - The curiosity shop even have a vintage "Free Zone" sign up for say! 08-10-2018
- Autumn Bay - Oh my, there's a whole shelf of old Lightbringer Studios reels up for possible sale! 11-10-2018
- Those Unknowable - Hmm... yes, those statues do indeed look like a certain coupleof eldritch creatures from Innsmouth! 15-10-2018
- Autumn Bay - Hmm... one of the bottled miniature cities look remarkable like Autumn Bay? 15-10-2018
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - That poster shows that the Theater of the Bloody Tongue tour has been in these parts! 02-05-2020
- KICKS - Look like somebody has been "helpfull" with naming the show on that poster 02-05-2020
- NIL; Canticum Bellum - Totally cool and classic, our unnamed guy is a part of the tour of the castle! 11-06-2020
- The Extras - Looks like Nita has gotten some time off for a guided tour of the castle! 11-06-2020
- The Mansion of E - Sylvester has joined the tour with a guide taking them to the castle's towers! 11-06-2020
- Pine Hill Creature Feature - No mistaking Stetson being part of the tour group touring the castle! 11-06-2020
- JinGo! Beyond - Naomi seems to wonder why a random person carries around a high caliber sniper riffle? 11-06-2020
- The Underground Empire - Mason has joined the guided tour of the castle, but seems to wonder about the people they meet! 11-06-2020
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - At least we know one item will still be in the museum when Ariane Eldar! visits in the future! 05-03-2021
- Pow! Right in the Nostalgia - Looks like Charlotte has gotten her vlog channel up where she reviews retro games! 24-05-2021
- Tangentville - The popular retro game of Scimitar Online is about to be reviewed by an expert! 24-05-2021
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - Looks like Ariane has left a comment with her honest commentary to Emily's channel! 24-05-2021
- Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files - Alevery has made HER online comment about Emily pretty straight! 24-05-2021
- The Under - You didn't expect a reference to The Under to show up in a DooTube vlog, didn't you? 24-05-2021
- Grinder$ - If you got to use something from Grinder$ to make a good DooTub vlog, so be it! 24-05-2021
- Playground - Emily is going to move because she's gotten a new job at Timmy's ToyCo HQ! 24-05-2021
- Autumn Bay - Batten down the hatches, we are about to undertake an extended visit to Autumn Bay! 24-05-2021
- The Adventures of Sir Power - Helena Mariposa appears with knives out, ready to support Mercy Black & Co if need be! 29-09-2021
- Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich - Ali-Cat drives out of the shadows to back Mercy Black up! 29-09-2021
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - Don't underestimate Ritchie, as reinforcement he can fight dirty and below the belt! 29-09-2021
- Altarion Saga - Jan Kemeny cracks knuckles and are ready in case Mercy Black need her summoned reinforcement! 29-09-2021
- Autumn Bay - Both Jennifer Burton and Ghoul are up to provide some backup for Mercy Black and friends! 29-09-2021
- Pine Hill Creature Feature - Chris "Stetson" Hatchkins is ready for a fight as Mercy Black's backup crew! 29-09-2021

Cryptida cameos/references can be found in:
- Consolers - You can spot Tarik from the back, having gotten back in line at the X-Box Launch Party! 28-02-2016
- The KAMics - Babette seems noneplussed over the shenanigans around the queen, but got time for a joke! 14-12-2017
- Lady Spectra & Sparky - Both Strange and Charm are rendered powerless by the full strobe of the hero's combined powers! 12-01-2018
- Altarion Saga: Atlantis - On a screen in the bar we spot Major Wildebees in action! 07-09-2019
- Cafe on Crepe Island - Looks like we have both Bettina, Kanny, and Peter working in the local Rosemint! 17-05-2020
- Breadfinder - Captain Camilla takes the opportunity during the riots to get even with Julia! 19-08-2020
- Lectro - Well hidden by street-actors a set of Timmy's ToyCo mascot helmet is up for show in the store! 31-10-2020
- Breadfinder - Breadfinder celebrated 100 strips and reopening of the bakery, and Babette Méliès is among the guests! 06-03-2021
- Zorgnox's Depository... - Bos the Minotaur has come a long way to join the crowd at the Feeder Queen's Cocooning! 08-03-2021
- Pegasus Project - Lena Santorini checks her phone during the trainride... as most of the other passengers! 30-04-2021
- Breadfinder - Mermaid Lorelei sticks her head up to see what's going on on the pier! 30-03-2022
- Synthetic Life - When you start a class in Advanced Biology, you better sign up a character from Cryptida! Chapter 3, Page 32

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