Cupcake War Machine
Cupcake War Machine

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- Court of Roses - Merlow is a fan of flavours so off course he'll buy a wide variety of cupcakes! 15-10-2021
- Synthetic Life - Looks like pregnant Crystal suddenly has gotten a craving for Ketchup Cupcakes! 11-02-2022
- The Back o'Beyond - This looks to be none other than Nathaniel Jones out of the water for some Cupcakes? 11-02-2022
- Nakama Victory - Yuria is an eater who knows what she wants, and that's currently Ketchup Cupcakes! 11-02-2022
- Tangentville - News about the Ketchup Cupcakes has reached Tangentville, so off course the send for some! 08-03-2022
- The Claret Age - Didn't know Beren was a ketchup lover? Well, he is, especially when there's Ketchup Cupcakes to be had! 08-03-2022
- The Legend of Hotplate - Hotplate rocks a very futuristic look, but the train station IS also in the future! 19-04-2022
- Pigeon and Rat - One VERY big Pigeon can be spotted on the train station here! 19-04-2022
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - Even in the future Ariane sports her classic look and make it looks GOOD! 19-04-2022
- Hue Are You? - Hue is casually walking the train station... blowing bubblegum? 19-04-2022
- Aster Delphinium - Aster it walking the train station, heavily covered up! 22-04-2022
- Oh My Ghost - Say, is that Maya we spot there in the background behind Warrick? 22-04-2022
- Difference - We can just about pick up Ruby's ears peeking up behind Warrick in the fourth panel! 22-04-2022
- Spazient - That looks to be the Spazient crew in the front row of the baking tournament! 24-05-2022
- Something About Celeste - Looks like Celeste has gotten in amond the audience for the baking tournament! 24-05-2022
- Zero & Gravity - Both Zero & Gravity have managed to as spectators to the baking tournament! 24-05-2022
- Withdrawn - Could that be Katherine and Demonic standing in the back of the audience for the baking tournament? 24-05-2022
- Kung Fu Grandma - Looks like Grandma has taken a day off from fighting to see the baking tournament in person! 24-05-2022
- Growlution - Zeep is hanging out in the park, flying a kite with an alien friend he has made! 04-10-2022
- Steampunk Gorgon - None other than the Gorgong herself is hanging out in the park enjoying the lovely day! 04-10-2022
- All Dark University - Looks like Jess Volker has taken some time off to enjoy a walk in the park! 04-10-2022

Cupcake War Machine cameos/references can be found in:
- Breadfinder - Somebody has required a recipe over at Cupcake War Machine and wants to commission the girls to make it! 03-06-2020
- Court of Roses - Stella is very sorry, but she her market booth is out of... potatoes? 28-03-2022

Marika 'MK_Wizard' Kapogeorgakis cameos/references:
- Growlution - A kakasonified MK_Wizard has arrived to help Xade celebrate the 50th Growlution comic! 12-07-2023

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