- None recorded

- None recorded

Curtailed cameos/references can be found in:
- Precocious - In this universe Canada politely conquered the entire earth and installed Seley and Fox as welcomers! Gueststrip12-02-2014
- The Whiteboard - Fox is standing in line among the other players to partake in the next round of paintballing! 02-01-2015
- - Standing in line in front of Honey we spot both Fox and and eager Seley! 04-08-2017
- Nine to Nine - Mandy and Fox has set up a table at Tetricon, and they even got an indoor spot for the Cop Car! 07-06-2020

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- The Devil's Panties - In the Katsucon panel, Badger Jennie thinks long and hard about how to get more readers! 17-05-2016
- Wapsi Square - How to get more readers? At Katsucon Badger Paul Tayler knows the answer! 17-05-2016

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