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- Jack - Central seems sure Plato won't mind... Plato has his strange ways! 27-11-2007
- Pointlessness - And what kind of breed of creature is that? Its a Skunkduck nonetheless! 12-10-2011
- Magra - Looks like the Duck has chose to play Magra in the game on his new magnificent screen! 24-12-2011
- Jack - For Christmas the Duck got a fighting game and continued beating up Jack all night! 24-12-2011

Cute'N'Spicey cameos/references can be found in:
- M. Organ Art - Looks like the warehouse also got a package of Cute'N'Spicy on their shelves! MA content warning!17-08-2009
- Magra - Among others we see Thrabbit hanging around in the bar! 23-05-2011

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