Cute Wendy
Cute Wendy

- None recorded

- Sinfest - So... Sinfest got slashdotted and became Megapopular? Let's send in the penguin! #49
- Megatokyo - Josh is determined to be slashdotted as Megatokyo... even if it takes L33t pimping! #49
- Exploitation Now - Naked characters was a hit for Exploitation Now... but using Josh for it in Wendy? #51
- Megatokyo - Guess such a link would be really popular among the Megatokyo crowd? ;-) #51
- Irritability - Chappy has a banana-problem! A good thing Wendy is there to help! #81

Cute Wendy cameos/references can be found in:
- David's Oekaki Artworks - Way to start the day with Cute Wendy delicious cereals! 16-06-2001
- 1/0 - Max is doing a very poor musical impression of Wendy! 10-08-2001

Josh Lesnick cameos/references:
- Exploitation Now - Josh Lesnick gets to be on the panel which in turn gets to answer the embaressing question! 19-10-2001

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