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- None recorded

Cuthbert cameos/references can be found in:
- The Tao of Geek - It sounds like Cuthbert and Hugh suddenly has second thoughts about trying it out! 26-07-2003
- The Tao of Geek - Many people make up the crowd at Supercon, and Cuthbert is one of them! 02-03-2004
- Edd Egg - Cuthberth lacks the boobs, but fortunately they have an easy way to mimic them...! 07-07-2006
- Bigger Than Cheeses - We found out what the reason for the Cops' reaction was... not that it justified it! Strip 352
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Cuthbert fought well, and from the Afterlife he gets first seat to the Final Showdown! Strip 876

Hogan's Notes:

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