Cwen's Quest
Cwen's Quest

- None recorded

- Vampire Phantasm - Squatter Jill is politely thrown out byt Riddly and Wendy per Queen Cwen's request! 27-05-2008
- Soapbox Hill - Guard Cyan Winter checks out that everything is normal around here... and yet?! 01-07-2010
- Earthsong - Scowling Alyss is part of the "Normal" assault group discovered in the halls! 01-07-2010
- Darken - Mink doesn't seem confident in her "Normal" disguise, but her group is in for an extended visit! 01-07-2010
- Girl Genius - Okay, you can't say there's anything normal about Jenka and her bear... but the sign says so! 01-07-2010
- Goblins - Yes, Tempts Fate in the halls is just a plain normal sight... lets see how he fares, shall we? 01-07-2010
- Charby the Vampirate - Visiting the world of Charby & Co, there's definitely a lot to learn and experience! 01-07-2010
- Vampire Phantasm - Vallor is manning the desk, demanding obedience and handing out rooms! 01-03-2012
- Charby the Vampirate - Mistaking Charby for a girl... mistake #1. Mistaking him for a kid... Last Mistake! 11-04-2012
- Vampire Phantasm - Yes. Jiff went off the cliff way back ... not a good thing to remind her of! 11-04-2012
- Vampire Phantasm - Vampiric Raff seems to have his eyes set on a little mugging of a certain "lady"! 11-04-2012

Cwen's Quest cameos/references can be found in:
- Charby the Vampirate - Lost in the halls, Wendy Weasel have tried attending Samric's great Demon Party! 05-08-2008
- Soapbox Hill - Now, Deku has taken to attend Soapbox Hill University? Interesting...! 20-04-2009
- Crossing Death - Oh yes, even without threats you can be damn sure Trel would never touch any of your hats! 19-06-2009
- The Dragonfists of Smorty Smythe - In order to give proper credit to Amelius, Cwen has joined many others for a singalong! 07-08-2009
- The Dragonfists of Smorty Smythe - Uhoh, Cwen is not exactly thrilled by this sudden development! 25-10-2010

Nick "Evil Emperor Nick" Stroffolino & Sarah Nelson cameos/references:
- Soapbox Hill - Evil Emperor Nick is a teacher at Soapbox Hill University? How fitting! 20-04-2009

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