Cyanide and Happiness
Cyanide and Happiness

- None recorded

- None recorded

Cyanide and Happiness cameos/references can be found in:
- Least I Could Do - Guess some sticks have a one-track mind... but at least he is easy recognizable too! 01-04-2009
- Madness Manga - When HE approaches, Moto Domo recruits from Cyanide and Happiness! 04-09-2009
- Times Like This - Cassie likes offbeat humour in webcomic like Cyanide and Happiness! 22-04-2010
- Widgetitis - Cyanide and Happiness has done social bookmarking with success... right? 22-10-2010
- Zombie Roomie - No stick-comics are quite like Cyanide & Happiness, even prehistoric ones! 30-05-2018

Kris & Rob cameos/references:
- HijiNKS ENSUE - Kris and Rob both got through a lot of Hijinks during Connecticon 2011! 11-07-2011
- HijiNKS ENSUE - Rob might get booze for drawing, but the booze quickly makes its way INTO the drawings! 28-02-2012

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