Darths & Droids
Darths & Droids

- None recorded

- Order of the Stick - Well, bluffing the stupid Clones might be easier than bluffing the stupid Ogre as they did at OotS! 08-11-2012

Darths & Droids cameos/references can be found in:
- The KAMics - Darths and Droids has a shop in the Mall, and outside chaos and mayhem resides! 20-10-2008
- Irregular Webcomic - Fish! Not Dish! But yeah, still a hell of a wrong campaign... needs more droids! Gueststrip17-10-2011
- The KAMics - To get some sci-fi gaming addition, the boxed set of "Darths & Droids" is to be found ready! 20-04-2012
- Grand Line 3 Point 5 - Jim and Annie joins as temp players in a whole new temporary setting! 25-12-2013

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