- None recorded

- Radioactive Fanboys - There's a poster announcing the sale of the first volume of Radioactive Fanboys! 15-04-2004
- Mindmistress - Mindmistress and Dasien has an intellectual talk concerning names and outfits! Gueststrip26-03-2005
- The Repository of Dangerous Things - The Harper and Tavlin puppets found a home with Mr. Pressman! 28-05-2005
- Mindmistress - Dasien tries to cheer up Mindmistress the best way she can, with a comforting hug! 11-09-2005
- The Green Avenger - The frisky superhero Emerald Gem is the spitting image of the Green Avenger! 19-01-2008
- Vindibudd - If you look closely at Def Jam you will recognize him as a spoof of Vindibudd! 19-01-2008
- Liberty: The American Girl - Blayse N. Glory is so much like Liberty you wouldn't believe it! 19-01-2008
- Dinosaur Comic - For April's Fool, Dasien goes all dinosauric... and wordy! 01-04-2008
- Energize - IS Mike too inexperienced? Well, perhaps... especially in terms of collateral damage! 12-09-2013
- Liberty: The American Girl - Libby is in California, not nearby and able to help out Dasien! 12-09-2013
- The Crossoverlord - Agent of the Smiling Man, Pink Flash keeps an eye out for the heroes of the H-verse! 26-12-2013
- Bombshell - Pink Flash keeps an eye on Bombshell from the H-verse, one of the heroes there! 26-12-2013
- Energize - Energize is obviously counted as one of the impressive heroes of the H-verse! 26-12-2013
- Liberty: The American Girl - Liberty is worth keeping and eye on whenever you are planning something in the H-verse! 26-12-2013
- Heroes Unite - For the extended The E.G.O. Incident, Dasien is among her friends in Heroes Unite! 10-06-2014
- The Crossoverlord - The man in the Bowler that killed Emerald Jade can only be the Smiling Man! 20-06-2014
- The Green Avenger - The Emerald Jade of HU who got killed was this dimension's Green Avenger! 20-06-2014
- S. G. Valkyrie Yuuki - For this Christmas we a got a surprise... a Yuuki and Dasien Special Surprise! 14-12-2014
- Oz Stars - So Dasien think Mel is ALMOST as creepy as Azumorph? Thats... interesting to know! 01-01-2015

Dasien cameos/references can be found in:
- The Tao of Geek - Dasien enjoys the fanboys attention, but Naomi knows how to pull her down! 30-07-2003
- Radioactive Fanboys - Is it Anime? Is it a Cartoon? No, it's Bernhard dressing up as Dasien! *shudders* 09-03-2004
- Lightbringer - "I'm Dave"... now where have we heard that one before? 23-06-2006
- Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T - Dasien shows off in the multihero anniversary picture! Gueststrip24-06-2006
- Lightbringer - Check up on clearing of the slavers headquarter, we find Commissioner Albert Johnson ! 01-09-2006
- Lightbringer - Hannah is filling out the uniform of Dasien this Halloween! 31-10-2006
- Mindmistress - A blonde superstrong beauty is spotted by Ash when he looks into the future! 25-12-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Dasien does look cute on the screen... perhaps the EO's are thinking of a visit? 19-02-2007
- WarMage - The TV brings us up to date with the exploits of superheroine Dasien! MA content warning!20-03-2007
- NewGirl - Dasien keeps up the tough attitude, even if its a happy 50 strip celebration! 09-07-2007
- Life & Death - In front row of Steve's surprise crowd, Dasien is ready for some 400 strip celebration! 12-08-2007
- Evil Overlords United - If Dasien knew who hit her earlier, she probably would join any resistance! 31-08-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Dasien helps fighting down the last EOU forces after their leaders are brought down! 03-10-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Roberta finally gets to use her medical skills, and there's need of them on the battlefield! 03-10-2007
- Blonde Marvel - Dasien wanted to come to the BM's help... but it's Matthew McConaughey night! MA content warning!04-06-2008
- GansWorks - Dasien makes the front cover and most of the headlines in this issue of Masque Magazine! 17-07-2008
- NewGirl - If Dasien has problems with opponents hitting on her? Well, she SHOULD have! 31-07-2008
- WarMage - Looks like Parker Bailey has gotten a new assignment... interviewing WarMage! MA content warning!18-08-2008
- Bad Guy High - In one of the paintings on the walls we spot the illustrious... thigh and legs of Dasien! 24-10-2008
- Heroes Unite Adventures - Looks like Ally is still at large, reporting straight on the news! 01-08-2009
- Life & Death - Dasien shows of her great skills and dexterity in pool-baal at the 700 strip party! 05-08-2009
- Bad Guy High - So, if Dasien and Superdan exchanged costumes, who would it be worst for? Dasien or the readers? 31-10-2009
- WarMageRebirth - Kriti keeps an eye on other superheroes around... like Dasien when she defeated Ruby! MA content warning!29-12-2009
- Life & Death - Once again we Dasien find herself at one of Steve's parties... and enjoying it! 19-04-2010
- Crossoverkill - Spilling out from beneath Hel's dress is none other than Clive the Spider-Skull ! 19-10-2010
- Crossoverkill - Meanwhile, over at Dasien's apartment, time for a couple of girls to enjoy the evening! 18-12-2010
- Crossoverkill - Dasien, Red and Goldie, just to name a few in the mega-brawl of the century! 21-03-2011
- Life & Death - Dasien seems mildy surprised, watching the L&D 1000 Strip Party Platypus fightings! 19-09-2011
- Mindmistress - Dasien is one tough girl, and her toughness borders to invulnerability allright! 02-11-2011

Neil "Neilsama" Purcell cameos/references:
- The KAMics - Its not easy to see on the hair, but it IS Neil who has snuck in at Crossoverers Anonymos! 16-08-2010

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